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E-Learning, the Possibilities of Replacing Traditional Learning - Dissertation Example

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Exploring the possibilities of replacing traditional learning with e-learning BY Heba AlMandil Abstract E-learning, electronic learning , CBT (Computer- Based Training), web-based education and internet- based training are synonyms as they are a form of education via electronic means…
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E-Learning, the Possibilities of Replacing Traditional Learning
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Download file to see previous pages This dissertation is intended to find the possibilities of replacing traditional learning with E-learning .Such study is important in order to find or know the more suitable learning environments for the students and what skills they need in order to fulfil the E-learning course they are taking. Also, to know what are the advantages and disadvantages that the student believes that may affect his/her E-learning course, and do they have the responsibility and the self motivation to complete there on line course or assigned target within the specified time window. A survey was conducted with 22 questions to investigate the possibilities of totally replacing E-learning with the traditional classroom learning. The results reveals that some of the students are unfit in such kind of learning techniques as they do not have the kind of self-obedience to gain knowledge by mean of internet. It is also essential for the e-learners to obtain some kind of e-learning guidance before undertaking the course to avoid issues related with the technology. The findings from this dissertation provide evidence that although E-learning can be at least as effective as traditional classroom learning under certain situations, we are not in a position to claim that E-learning can replace the traditional classroom learning. ...
requires more maturity and self-discipline from students than traditional classroom education, which may explain the higher dropout rates in e-learning programs compared to conventional programs. Nevertheless, we believe that e-learning is a promising alternative to traditional classroom learning, which is especially beneficial to remote and lifelong learning and training. In many cases, e-learning can significantly complement classroom learning. E-learning will keep growing as an indispensable part of academic and professional education. Key Words: e-learning, online course, traditional learning, environment, motivation, teaching and learning. Introduction Besides the technological development and boom in internet services and courses, traditional learning is still prevailing and students opt for traditional learning over the e-learning. The present study highlights the advantages of e-learning courses over the traditional learning process. The arrival of information technology, has made life easier and communication is on the fast track. It has eliminated the distances and thus one can utilize time to learn various other subjects that are beyond the scope of books. It is a convenient way of teaching and learning as it could be carried out in the classroom or outside the class. According to Fry (2000), "Delivery of training and education via networked interactivity and a range of other knowledge collection and distribution technologies". According to Wild, (2002), "The creation and delivery of knowledge via online services in the form of information, communication, education and training". According to Bleimann (2004), "e-learning is a self directed learning that is based on technology, especially web-based technology, thus e-learning is a collaborative learning". ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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