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Noise Pollution Building a nightclub near residential spots may be considered an act of indifference towards the health of the people living nearby. In the report of SCENIHR (2008), nightclubs and industrial noise have the same adverse hearing effects. Nightclubs produce an average sound of "93.2 to 109.7 dB," a few decibels more and it already considered a defeaning sound…
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Noise Control Radon UV-Radiation
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Noise Pollution Building a nightclub near residential spots may be considered an act of indifference towards the health of the people living nearby.In the report of SCENIHR (2008), nightclubs and industrial noise have the same adverse hearing effects. Nightclubs produce an average sound of "93.2 to 109.7 dB," a few decibels more and it already considered a defeaning sound. Noise pollution is the modern plague brought about by modernization. The WHO Guidelines on Community Noise indicated seven adverse, if not deadly, effects of noise pollution (as cited in Goines & Hagler, 2007). These effects range from physical to psychological stresses brought about by excessive sound perception. These would include hearing impairment, interference with spoken communication, cardiovascular disturbances, disturbances in mental health, impaired task performance, and negative social behavior and annoyance reactions. As a citizen, I have all the right to protect me and my family’s health, however, if the plan has already been approved by the City government, then our interests would have to meet both ends. The nightclub shall be established if they will comply with the resident’s demands. First, they should consider the presence of private residents near the area. If a nightclub usually produces more than 90 dB, they should lessen it to about 70-80 dB. Second, the physical structure of the club should be enclosed so as to prevent the noise to be heard by the neighborhood. These suggestions, if implemented, would be very helpful for the entire neighborhood because this would protect the citizens from experiencing the effects of noise pollution. Radon Present in all water and soil resources in the planet, radon gases are present almost everywhere. A type of radon gas called Radon-222 is a radioactive substance, and also its decayed form, Radon 226 (Banas, 2010). The most common type of radon exposure effect is lung cancer, since it is identified as human carcinogen (Banas, 2010; Jacobsen, 2010). However, other studies suggest that excessive exposure to radon could also cause leukemia (National Research Council, 1999) and other cancer types. External exposure to radon is not harmful, however, once it goes inside the body (e.g. breathing), the primary destruction point is the Deoxyribonucleic acid. It attacks the DNA causing it to deform and turn into cancer cells. An alarming fact states that a person may not be near a radioactive plant just to be radon exposed. Radon exposure can happen even at home through the cracks in the walls, gaps in suspended floors or any cavity of the house, and the water supply. Because of this, it is imperative that before building a new house or transferring to another residence, appropriate measures should be done to become at least minimally exposed to radon radiation. Construction of modern houses could be radon resistant by applying the necessary techniques. A normal radon level at home should only be 4pCi/L that can be achieved through installing a vent fan. It would also help if the house does not have cracks on the walls and floors, and water supply is always treated (Environmental Protection Agency, 2010). References Banas, T. (2010). Radon gas risks. Retrieved from Environmental Protection Agency. (2010). A citizen's guide to radon. Retrieved from Goines, L., & Hagler, L. (2007). Adverse health effects of noise. South Medical Journal, 100(3), 287-294. Jacobsen, A. (2010). What are the dangers of radon gas? Retrieved from National Research Council. (1999). Health effects of exposure to radon. USA: National Academies Press. Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR). (2008). Potential health risks of exposure to noise from personal music players and mobile phones including a music playing function. European Commission, Scientific Committees. Retrieved from committees/04_scenihr/docs/scenihr_o_018.pdf Read More
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