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To begin with, I reckon the app for paying with phone launched by Google recently, which is expected to be seen in mobile phones of the public by this summer, would be a revolution in the field of electronic payment transactions. As the technology engaged by Google suggests, it would be safer carrying your money in mobile phones, than carrying your plastic cards…
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Read an article about Google Unveils App For Paying With Phone, and write your response
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"Read an article about Google Unveils App For Paying With Phone, and write your response"

Download file to see previous pages For now, this app allows the usage of cards issued by Citibank and a virtual card by Google, but Google is trying to incorporate the cards of other banks as well, as soon as possible. This technology can be used at 124,000 merchants in the US and 300,000 merchants outside the US. Google has done what many firms have been trying to do since years, the “Mobile Wallet” technology. One can be sure of the app’s success, as it has been approved by many retailers and with its promotional offers and coupons, Google would leave no tables unturned. Google would also collect some fee from the retailers every time this app is used by the customers, just like the plastic cards. Though this technology needs some time to see the light, Google has been engaging top brands to accept payments through this technology. The other attractions of this app comprise the loyalty points and discounts that one can get using this app. On the other hand, controversies have already rounded this technology. PayPal has filed a suit against Google and a couple of its executives for the usage of PayPal’s trade secrets. Despite the positive and the negative aspects of the app, it is sure to come up with many other interesting features as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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