The Diamond Necklace - Mathilde - Essay Example

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The beautiful Mathilde Loisel has a comfortable home and a loving husband, traits that, according to any rational person trying to evaluate the quality of someone’s life, would deem her station in life a desirable one. And yet, she is so dissatisfied that she lives her life oblivious to everything but the wealth that she desperately aches to possess…
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The Diamond Necklace - Mathilde
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"The Diamond Necklace - Mathilde"

Download file to see previous pages Mathilde is truly happy only once in her entire life: at the ball. But, it becomes clear as the story progresses, that her happiness had a price all too high. On the night of the party her new dress and borrowed jewels give her the appearance of belonging to the wealthy world she aspires to. Because she believes herself rich for one night, she becomes rich in others’ eyes as well. Fully at ease among the wealthy people at the party, Mathilde feels that this is exactly where she was meant to be—if it hadn’t been for the mistake of destiny. Her moment of happiness, of course, is fleeting, and she must spend the next ten years paying for the pleasure of this night. The saddest thing is that, despite all the hardship she is forced to endure during the next ten years, the memory of the night still lingers in her mind as the one perfect moment in her gray life. The necklace, beautiful but worthless, represents the power of perception and the split between appearances and reality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mathilde Loisel: One Unhappy Woman
...? of the of the Mathilde Loisel: One Unhappy Woman “The Necklace” revolves around Mathilde Loiselwho lives in a time where social classes are distinctly classified and the rich enjoy all the pleasures and live a luxurious life. Loisel, belonging to the middle class gets allured towards the lavishness of the upper class. Although she is well aware that she could do nothing to change her fate she continuously daydreams about “silent antechambers hung with...whose attention they all desire” and fails to get satisfied with her current life. Born in a poor family, Loisel considers it a mistake of the fate that she had been denied a better life. Her nature is overwhelmed by extreme greed and...
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.... At first, she is very dependent and spoiled to her husband but her husband cannot afford all the caprices she desires. Given the chance to taste the life she dreams. Mathilde demands indisputably nice dress and fabulous jewel to attend a party. Her husband gives his savings to buy dress, though it’s intended for buying a rifle, and Mathilde also borrows a diamond necklace from her rich friend. But, the night Mathilde fulfilled her dream turns her worst nightmare – Mathilde lost the necklace. Because of the fear that her friend might discovered she lost the diamond necklace,...
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The Cause of Mathilde Loisel Downfall in the story The Necklace
...The Cause of Mathilde Loisel Downfall in the story “The Necklace” Guy de Maupassant in his story “The Necklace” creatively depicts the intriguing desire of Mathilde Loisel to lead a self-indulgent and wealthy lifestyle. Loisel’s life span of immense hopelessness and misery is exclusively as a result of her own ineffective and selfish acts in life. Her perception of a class she does not belong to causes her to suffer mentally. Loisel fails to accept the fact she is married to a husband who lacks the material wealth that she has desperately yearned for. Her husbands lack of wealth makes her feel less important because of her low rank in the society. Maupassant in his...
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The Diamond Necklace
...Quyen Le number] The Diamond Necklace Maupassant’s short story d, The Diamond Necklace is quite interesting if we take Mathilde’s position. Considering what she had gone through, it is easy to put oneself in her position since we all have lost or misplaced something valuable at one point in time or another. However, losing something valuable which belonged to someone else is a considerably different matter. Mathilde Loisel did exactly that and lost a diamond necklace which belonged to her friend i.e. Madame Forestier. Mathilde suffered a lot to replace the necklace but...
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...The Diamond Necklace by Guy de Maupassant- Mathilde’s dilemma. Introduction: The diamond necklace by Guy de Maupassant is one of his most well known short stories. It narrates an unfortunate event in the life of a woman who forever yearns for the good life in spite of knowing that she can never have it. This essay will attempt to study what happened to Mathilde, the protagonist in the story. Also suggesting what she could have done to make sure that she did not suffer as much as she and her husband did. Mathilde the protagonist is a young lady who is born into a middle class family but yearns for a life full of opulence....
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Matilde in the diamond necklace
...21 February Assignment The Necklace is a short story that was first published in a French newspaper by the of ‘Le Gaulois’ and is one of the most popular stories written by Guy De Maupassant, in the year 1884. The story talks about the life of a couple where they live estranged lives within the same house. The author has tried to help the readers understand the kind of oppression a number of women at the time felt when they were forced to marry someone at a young age, with the aspect of deriving a loving emotion for someone being completely inconsequential in nature and not required at all. Mathilde Loisel, the protagonist and wife of a low paid clerk always pictured herself bequeathed in luxury and...
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...The short story "The Necklace" Assignment. 1. Mme. Loisel's character at the beginning of the story is depicted by physical beauty, low expectations, unhappy, poor and as a result of that poverty, she expressed anger. 2. Mme. Loisel’s experiences such as poverty which is an aspect of the house she lives in tends to make her be fast to anger and not be satisfied by what she possessed and made her wish for more. 3. Mme. Loisel finally decide to reveal the truth to Mme. Forestier because she saw no wrong in doing so since she had paid all the money she had borrowed to buy the lost necklace and so much time had elapsed since she had returned the necklace to Mme. Forestier. 4. The ending of...
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...The Neckalce Analyze the symbolic implication of the necklace in the novel The story “The Necklace” by Guy Maupassant tells a tale about woman who lives in an illusionary world and end up in a debt due to her greed for jewelry and wealth. The necklace in the story has a symbolic meaning of deception. In the story, Mathilde a poor women was given a diamond necklace by a wealthy friend Madame Forestier. However, the necklace gets lost from Mathilde and in giving the necklace back to her friend she falls in debt. But in the end, she realizes that the necklace was fake and...
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...The necklace For a moment Mathilde appeared to be lost, she stared blankly at Madame Forestier, and a single look at her would tell she would fall any minute from now. “Let’s find a place to sit my dear, on that bench over there,” Madame Forestier said. Sitting on the bench, Mathilde found herself unable to control her racing memory, she remembered the ball night, the four hundred franc dress, relocation from the flat and the husband’s hustled for the replacement of the necklace. “I didnt get a chance to inspect the necklace you brought back to me. A day after you brought it, my neighbor, Madame Angel, also asked for the necklace, but...
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