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History of World Civilizations Since 1700: Decolonization in both Asia and Africa in the decades following World War II - Essay Example

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Decolonization in Asia and Africa Introduction Recorded history attests the several colonization and decolonization from the early years. Way back from the time of first and Second World War, countries like Great Britain, Germany, France, United States, and Spain had colonized other states and territories…
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History of World Civilizations Since 1700: Decolonization in both Asia and Africa in the decades following World War II
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History of World Civilizations Since 1700: Decolonization in both Asia and Africa in the decades following World War II

Download file to see previous pages... Factors that Led to Decolonization The following are the factors that led to decolonization of Africa and Asia: after the World War II struggle to combat the concept of dictatorship, many leaders argued that no country should control another nation; high cost and commitment of holding colonies; and there were nationalist movements among native people seeking for independence. Moreover, the Indians were granted independence freely by Great Britain in 1947; the Government of India Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1935 under which many provincial governments were turned over to the Indian leaders, and suffrage (the right to vote) has increased (“Decolonization”). Meanwhile, Indian civilizations have impacted SEA societies--home to several ancient civilizations like Angkor and the Sri Vijaya kingdoms. Somehow, decolonization brought economic, social, cultural, and political development to Asia and Africa. Comparison of Ways in Decolonization Following the outbreak of Second World War was the decolonization of Africa and Asia. Decolonization in Africa began between 1950’s and 1960’s. Great Britain, one of the great powers, conquered various territories in the land of Africa and built multiple colonies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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