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In the United States, illegal immigration has become an important problem these days. Thousands of immigrants whether they are illegal or legal come to United States to ensure they have an opportunity for a better life in terms of benefits, protection and freedom…
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Illegal Immigration
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"Illegal Immigration"

Figure 1 shows the total unauthorized migrants living in U.S and average estimated unauthorized arrivals per year. The figures continue to increase by significant amount each year and the pace has accelerated over the past two decades. (Figure 1: Total Unauthorized Migrants Living in US & Average Estimated Unauthorized Arrivals Per Year; Source: BBC News) Methods of prevention and different policies should be implemented in order to stop illegal immigrant entering U.S. These illegal immigrants have stolen social security numbers and create fake identify in order to get jobs. Besides, these illegal immigrants have an impact on our health care system and public service. The United States continues to spend lump sum of money in their welfare and healthcare. Immigrants which are uneducated regardless of ethnicity or heritage have little interest in education and end up with a poorly educated family. Due to mass numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country, this has lead to high numbers of crime rate such as drug traffickers, prostitution, slavery, killing, sexual predators and theft. As per the Pew Hispanic Center in March 2010, 11.2 million illegal immigrants are currently working and living in the shadows in the U.S (Reuters, 2011). The U.S government is investing billion of dollars to provide safety which is of course paid by taxpayers. This keeps on straining the economy of the country. Read More
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Illegal Immigration
...towards accommodating migrants from across its border. USA has been often referred to as a global nation which readily accommodates diverse cultures and people. The human resource of the nation is largely dependent on these migrants. However, it has been continuously observed that illegal migration into the country is increasing. In the year 2004, it has been estimated that there were 10.3 million illegal immigrants in the country (Hanson, 2006). Illegal migration in terms of overstaying and sneaking through borders, are turning to be of increasing concern. Illegal migration occurs through three generic channels. First amongst this is entry without...
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Illegal Immigration
...?Illegal Immigration Introduction Selecting a sample from the target population has over the years posed some challenges to researchers in coming up with representative samples. In most case, in selecting a sample for the study, researchers often use some type of sampling technique in selecting the part of the population. In this study involving illegal immigrant, there will be the selection of samples to represent the larger population of the illegal immigrants. In studying the most complex and emotional social justice issues facing the United States, the researcher might draw a sample of neighborhood residents, ask them some questions,...
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Illegal Immigration - For illegal immigration for America
...? ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN AMERICA Your School of Engineering, Social Sciences, etc Number and of Name Date of Paper Abstract The paper aims to present a widespread and informative research on current situation of the illegal immigration in America. It begins with the history, the root cause of the problem and lays down the causes or the motivating factors which drive the illegal immigrants to choose to stay in America without authenticated papers. The problems, controversies and effective solutions to address this issue shall be discussed pointblank. It also includes the existing laws being implemented to combat this long-term issue that...
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Illegal Immigration
...Immigration Solution Numerous polls indicate that a majority of Americans, including Mexican-Americans, want the government to prevent the tidal wave of illegal aliens cascading over the border. A nation without borders is not a nation and this country has been losing control of the borders for many decades, losing prosperity, security and autonomy along with them. One of the most important issues of the White House and Congress should be securing the borders, but homeland security is all but non-existent. This is a complex problem that is not being solved by the congressmen, who continuously fail to act in the country’s best interests. The massive numbers of illegal aliens pouring...
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Illegal Immigration
...?Illegal Immigration Introduction: Un ized or illegal immigration includes two categories of migration – one being the undocumented, who arrivesinto a country without official procedure or permission, and the other being the visa over-stayer who stays beyond the provisions of his visa, which thus becomes illegal. Poverty, unemployment, or political tumult may be factors that may oblige inhabitants to immigrate to other countries. On the other hand, people may also be attracted to a country owing to its characteristics. Ultimately, unlawful immigration occurs due to problems in the official immigration systems and procedure enacted for its execution. (LeMay, 1-3). The document presents an argument stating that the changing course... of...
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Illegal Immigration
...? Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration LeMay (2007) defines illegal immigration as the act of moving into or living in a country, other than the country of origin, without government permission. In other words, the lack of documentation is basically what makes illegal immigration unlawful. In the contemporary society, the subject of illegal immigration is highly debated due to the challenges it poses. The primary intention of the typical illegal aliens is the search for greener pastures and in the process they end up adding value to the economy of host...
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Illegal immigration
...Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration has been a crippling problem. The U.S Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization (INS) found that there were around 5 million illegal inhabitants in the United States in October 1996, and it rose to an average rate of 275,000 every year between the time period of 1992 and 1996. In the course of time INS implemented several projects underway that used technology to segregate low and high-risk traffic and streamline the inspection process. INS is testing other technology, including automated vehicle license plate readers to check vehicles against law enforcement lookout databases and a...
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Illegal Immigration
...This is MLA format Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration is a phrase which evokes deep emotional responses from those who believe immigrants are causes harm to the U.S. economy. The immigration debate is complex with few, if any, ‘right’ answers of how to both be pragmatic regarding the costs associated with illegal immigrants and compassionate with regards to the human element involved. There are many dynamics involved but seldom is the viewpoint of the immigrants evaluated. The issue lies squarely within the responsibility of the Federal government because individual states and local communities do not have the capability on their own. The federal government, to no one’s surprise, has been no help. The fundamental reason... citizens...
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Illegal Immigration
...Module: Lecturer: Illegal Immigration and United s Economy United s has been having a perennial problem with illegal immigrants. It goes without saying that there has been ranging debate on the issue for years. Ledbetter says that lawmakers and the general public alike have indulged in discussions that aim at solving the issue once and for all (12). The debate surrounds mostly the threat that this form of immigration has on US economy. Some argue that it is disastrous while others back its proponents stating that it goes a long way in benefiting United States’ economy in general. Having lived and rubbed shoulders with many illegal...
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Illegal immigration
...Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration Introduction Illegal immigration also referred to as undocumented immigration is the act where foreign nationals enter the United States without the government’s permission. The first century of existence saw a steady stream of western European immigrants as well as Africans who were forced to go to the United States as slaves. Globally, colonial masters believed immigrants were good for business. There was a quick growth in the United States and the demand for labourers was infinite. Everyone was free to immigrate to the United...
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