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Avatar movie is overrated - Essay Example

Falling in love doesn’t make always a great story. A crippled ex-marine, Jack Sully travels to a mining colony at planet named Pandora, and he is part of the security personnel there. He gets an opportunity to be involved in a scientific research and is able to control the mind of a cloned native(the Na’vis) He falls in love with a hot Neytiri girl and sides with the tribal against the evil designs of mining corporation, who are out to destroy the tribal flora and fauna. From where does the storywriter get inspiration from? Modern science? Early adventures of the colonial powers on the American tribal population? Or from other movies? The story failed to catch my imagination. Seriousness in the situation, which was not there, was created deliberately. I watched, but did not appreciate the sequences. The outcomes of the stunts are predictable.
The reasons for its commercial success:
James Cameron is a big name in the movie world. It is a big budget movie and it is in the process of earning great profits. Since the release of Titanic, the ways of the advertising media have changed much. The name of James Cameron sells—and the man and his team knows how to sell it, having invested an astronomical sum to produce the movie. Distribution and advertisement techniques are planned well and they are part of the movie production. A movie is produced to with the express plans to sell it in the box office. Movie business is not a philanthropic activity.
The merits vs. demerits The visual

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Avatar: seen through five sociological perspectives
He was sent to continue the experiment his dead twin brother was supposed to undertake. To do that, he must use his brother’s avatar to win the hearts of the natives of Pandora, the Na’vi.
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The early reports are in and the verdict: The iPad is nothing special if not a waste of money versus a netbook.” Most of the people today are going crazy over iPad! Everyone dreams of having such gadget on their hands while walking on malls, eating at restaurants, drinking coffee on shops or just merely having it for show-off.
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Class Inequality in 'Avatar'
In the 2009 film, “Avatar,” class struggle is strongly depicted between humans and humanoids. Mainly, the differences between their life goals create the conflict between them. However, despite the differences, the main characters who come from different classes triumph in their expression of love.
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Sociology Theories in the Movie Avatar
However, if one were to watch this movie with an awareness of the sociological theories that are involved in it, then he or she would find that it is one of the greatest movies created that addresses quite a number of these perspectives. Among the theories that can be found in this movie are the following social conflict as seen when the human beings attempt to destroy the Navi and take over their planet, cultural superiority (racism), among others.
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However, when majority of the critique supports a consensus on the various aspects of a movie, then, viewers would have to decide for themselves if indeed, the generalizations are validated or to be contested. In this regard, the essay is
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Avatar movie is overrated
When this movie was released, great hype was created. I saw this movie in Houston in the month of January 2010 along with my family. I feel it is just an entertainer. A modern movie has so many technical components, but what is important for
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The film revolves around how genetic engineering can help Na’vi-human hybrid bodies to interact with the native Na’vis belonging to Pandora and convince them to let human beings mine the mineral with a
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Transcendentalism in the movie Avatar and how both relate to nature
In the fictional movie “Avatar”, the main character is contracted by his government to destroy a plant in order for them to mine precious minerals. He instead sides with the natives and preserves the plant that natives consider
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The hidden meaning of the movie Avatar
The World has changed into a global village and media is one of the major reasons behind this fact. TV, radio and cinema play an important role for its viewers. Different researches have proved that media besides benefiting its audience also provides bad influence to them. Avatar (2010) explores the significance of nature in this world and our lives.
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Avatar (2009)
Film experts say Avatar (2009) was a breakthrough in filmmaking technology with cameras that were tailor made specifically for its production, stereoscopic filmmaking and the 3D viewing development. It is neither sophisticated nor simple but for sure, the
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prowess is fine. But does that add to the strength of the script? I reason desperately what exactly is special about the script but fail to get any positive answer. The script seems to have been borrowed in bits and parts from several other movies that I have seen. It seems like a conglomeration, joined together by cut-paste method. The theme has taken leave from the script. What is the backgrounder information for the genocide attempts? Or is it a movie sponsored by some UNO organization for environmental preservation? The thematic weight needed in a movie is totally absent. Minor spoilers: Need a big movie end up in a big fight? James Cameron thinks so. The fight of the three people who plug themselves at their respective outlets with the express intent to kill each other, is just a deliberately created big action sequence, and is a savage display of combination of science, technology and cinematic technicalities. It is absolutely meaningless and does damage to the theme of the story, if there is one. The concept of collective consciousness has been exploited by those who have no knowledge about the actual meaning and implication of these words. A wrong bolt has fixed in to a wrong hole. The ideas which James Cameron tries to propound are juvenile, immature and to be precise, kindergarten stuff. The dialogues do not inspire. Many opine that Avatar is a serious movie-- Serious for what and about what? Conclusion: Finally, it seems the dialogues have been forced to create an impact. This happens when one borrows ideas from different movies and tries to create a web to catch the


The author of this paper "Avatar movie is overrated" describes his thoughts on a rating of the movie "Avatar". The paper also briefly reveals the story of the film, its concept and the role of the visual prowess and the script…
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Avatar movie is overrated
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