Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray - Book Report/Review Example

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Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray Basically this book Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray deals with such a phenomenon as charismatic leadership. The first part of the book is dedicated to Jose Marti’s biography and methodically exposes his political, economic and social views…
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Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray
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Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray Basically this book Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray deals with such a phenomenon as charismatic leadership. The first part of the book is dedicated to Jose Marti’s biography and methodically exposes his political, economic and social views. Being the true Word of the Revolution Marti made greater contribution into it as a philosopher than as a soldier. That is why evaluation of his views and ideas is so important Marti’s evolution as a National Hero is closely connected with exposition and interpretation of his views and ideas by people who eventually claimed to have been his followers also known as “Martianos”. The author does not make any attempt to treat in depth Jose Marti’s theorizings however offers a good basis for further studies of Cuban revolutionary movement. Part Two of the book is made up of three chapters tracing Marti’s growth as Cuban National Hero. The first one comprises his contemporaries’ statements, Marti’s representation in monuments, busts and coins and monuments and examination of researches that have already been issued on him. The second chapter deals with the promotion of Marti as a nationalist symbol by various religious, fraternal societies as well as by the special organizations. Such characteristic features of Jose Marti’s glorification as those expressed in literature and language deal with particular religious symbolism and praising Marti as not Cuban national hero only yet as a universal type are noted as well. This part discusses reaction of the Holy See to Jose Marti being designated as an “Apostle.” As far as analyzing Marti’s phenomenon from the point of view of traditional sociology lays beyond the scope of the study the author makes no attempt to do it. Richard B. Gray simply selected those aspects of respect usually paid to Marti that seem to have contributed to his glorification as the “saint”. Part Three of the book deals with influence Marti is still exerting as a symbol and us of his ideas to gain popular support for some political action. The eighth chapter Part Three examines the views and ideas of various groups leaders’ bout the influence Jose Marti is still exerting on such public institutions as education, press and labor. The chapter ends with a synopsis of conversations with several Cubans about their opinions on Jose Marti. In final chapters of the book Richard B. Gray tries to analyze the ways Fidel Castro has utilized Marti’s legacy and whether Marti’ ideas have really been realized. The method employed by Gray in that book comprises a thorough examination of Marti’s writings collected in the seventy-four volumes of the collected works. The author concentrates on Marti’s letters to the leading champions of Cubans independence, his poetry and articles on American, European and Latin American politics. Nevertheless it must not be omitted that due to the serious deterioration Cuban American relations have endured since Castro came to power the author lacked relevant materials which could have allowed him to trace any cause and effect relations between Jose Marti’s legacy and the present state of affairs in Cuba. Work Cited Gray, Butler R. Jose Marti: Cuban Patriot by Richard Butler Gray. Gainesville: University of Flogida Press. 1962. 28 March 2011. <>Read More
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