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Face-Vase Illusion An Explanation - Essay Example

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The face-vase illusion is based on the simple fact that human brain always perceives things in terms of figure and the ground. Remember the sceneries children make for their arts and drawing class at school. …
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Face-Vase Illusion An Explanation
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"Face-Vase Illusion An Explanation"

Download file to see previous pages Well, what do they do? Usually they draw a house and some trees in the foreground, with a field, sky and some birds flying, in the background. Ever wondered why children do not draw the picture of only a house, or only a tree, or a field or perhaps the sky only? Why do they choose to draw some things constituting the foreground and some things constituting the background in a picture? It would not be wrong to say that to a great extent, children do not do this deliberately, but in a way are naturally responding to the way human brain likes to perceive things. It is a psychologically valid fact that human brain has a natural tendency to differentiate between a foreground and a background, while perceiving things. Even when a flat picture is placed before the eyes, the human brain, responding to this natural tendency, tries to develop an idea of depth by establishing or identifying some things as foreground, while taking the other things to be constituting the background in that picture. This is the way it is. To explain as to why the brain does this may require a complex explanation. Yet, to explain the illusion under consideration, it will be appropriate to agree to the fact that human brain always sees things in terms of a foreground and a background. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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