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Characteristics of living organism - Essay Example

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Viruses Our cells are considered alive. They have their own DNA and can replicate individually of one another. They also have a predetermined lifetime in that they exist only for a limited amount of time. Viruses are not alive. They can also exist for millions of years in a variety of types of conditions…
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Characteristics of living organism
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"Characteristics of living organism"

Download file to see previous pages The genetic material can exist either as double stranded or single stranded DNA/RNA. Those that have RNA, such as HIV and Influenza, are termed retroviruses and are hard to come up with vaccinations for due to the fact that they synthesize their DNA while they are in the host cell (Beckner, Kleinsmith, Hardin, and Bertoni 99-101). Viruses have their own kind of genetic material which can be stored as DNA or as RNA. The biggest reason as to why viruses are not alive is because they cannot reproduce on their own. They are biological machinery which requires a host. They work by injecting their foreign genetic material into the cell and taking over the cells processes. In the lytic cycle, the machinery in the cell is turned over to the control of the virus. It then begins to replicate copies of itself within the cell. After the maximum area in the cell has been taken up, the cell lyses releasing all the new viruses to infect other cells in the organism. In the lysogenic cycle, the virus integrates its own genetic material into that of the host where it replicates with the organisms genetic material until external factors cause it to become active, which after it enters in to the lytic cycle (Sadava, Heller, Hillis, and Berenbaum 343-48). Viruses are even sometimes used in helping with gene therapy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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All bats have wings that are distinct from those of insects and birds in that the bone in the wings is formed by elongated fingers with webbings or membranes (15) connecting the digits (1, 2 & 12, 16, 17, 18), extending to the legs and sometimes even to the tail (14), forming the tail membrane (13).
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Water. Characteristics of water
Water is the most abundant compound on an earth, occupying an approximately 75% of the total surface. It has unique chemical and physical properties that facilitate its wide application in natural and artificial processes. Water is one of the major life-sustaining components that play a critical role in maintaining biological processes in the body of all organisms.
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Any organism or group of organisms
There are over one hundred thousand different kinds of species of arachnids, but the most common are spiders, ticks, scorpions and mites. There are two basic parts of a typical adult arachnid. One is their four pairs of legs, and a body that is divided into two distinct sections: the cephalothorax, which is composed of the merged head and thorax, and the abdomen.
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Organism Physiology
Organism Physiology Name of the Organism The name of the organism, which I am going to discuss in this paper, is ‘Frog’. Frog is an amphibian, which has its presence on the earth for millions of years. In this paper, we will talk about its main organs and will discuss how it has evolved physiologically to suit its external environment.
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Are Viruses Considered To Be Living Organisms
It was the first mark to the sighting of viruses, hereditary entities that are located in between non-living and living states. But alive or not, virus is the most extensive of all pathogens. It has the capability of infecting every species of organism such as fish, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, bacteria as well as protozoan.
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Genetically Modified organism uses and applications
For the natural, a gene penetrates into another cell and result to not only a natural but also a modified organism. Artificially, the organism has been far much developed depending on the required characteristics. There are many diverse ways used to move the genes to produce desirable results for both plants and animals.
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Organism Physiology Paper
All flukes are hermaphroditic except for the blood flukes which are bisexual in nature. The structure of flukes is flat on the dorso-ventral side and is bilaterally symmetrical with a well- defined anterior region. The body is leaf-shaped and
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