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Holy Mavericks - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Review : Holy Mavericks. The main idea in this interesting book is the way that the Christian religion in America has managed to change and adapt to the fast pace of historical developments throughout the last few centuries. This is contrasted with other faiths, like Judaism, for example, which are more tied to their ancient traditions and find it harder to combine their faith with modern trends…
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Holy Mavericks
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Download file to see previous pages After a historical introduction, starting with the Puritan fathers and the first great itinerant preacher George Whitefield the book homes in on the feature which most characterizes evangelical preachers: the ability to detect cultural trends as they are emerging and then adapt the Christian message to fit in with these emerging trends . Revivalist styles of delivery inject an element of entertainment into the practise of religion, using suspense and drama to capture the imagination of his listeners. In short “holy mavericks possess social, cultural and spiritual dexterity.” (p. 24) The important contribution of the New Black Church is highlighted (pp. 53-77) and the role it has played both in reversing all the evils of slavery and in aiding black people in adjusting to the “commercialization, technology, flash, style and celebrity that characterize out post industrialist world.” (p. 55). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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