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What New Media Can Do Full name University name The rise of internet use and other media now considered as new like podcasts, cellphones and other gadgets that cater to social networking site access, text messaging and other forms of communication made ‘old media’ seem to be obsolete in just a few years of their existence…
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New Media Term Paper
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"New Media"

Download file to see previous pages To those who are not able to compete with the latest and best gadgets, what is generally considered is the ability to have access to new media. This has become a necessity to the modern person who seems to be unable to live in a world which has become so small with the use of the internet. On top of such media, other media within the medium like social networking sites become equally important especially to people who like to get in touch with their loved ones here or abroad. The latest social networking site that made the youngest billionaire in the person of Mark Zuckerberg, a former Harvard student is making the life of a lot of people easier and cheaper. Loved ones who are miles apart can contact each other through the internet and can exchange messages in a matter of seconds. This is not to mention the availability of the medium of communication to be the cheapest as compared to telephone bills. The world has become smaller with people able to find their partners from one end of the earth to another through the use of the popular networking site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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