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There are many types of profession that one could pursue after graduating from college. Some people choose to engage in lucrative professions such as medicine, law or finance. For the rest, they simply want to get employed and follow whatever opportunities maybe presented to them. …
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Why you want to be a teacher
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Why I Want to Become a Teacher WHY I WANT TO BECOME A TEACHER There are many types of profession that onecould pursue after graduating from college. Some people choose to engage in lucrative professions such as medicine, law or finance. For the rest, they simply want to get employed and follow whatever opportunities maybe presented to them. In my case, I want to be a teacher or an educator. Why is this so? Because as Henry Brooks Adams said “A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops”. I deeply believe what this man says for I have witnessed through the lives of others how much influence a teacher can wield to his students. I want to become a teacher because I want to inspire my future students. Nowadays, we often see a large majority of students losing interest in their academic obligations such as doing their homework. They are more likely to engage in watching television or playing console or PC games. In case they spend time doing some homework, it is often done as a burden that has to be accomplished. I want to become a teacher because I want to bring back the enthusiasm in learning. Students must be inspired to search for knowledge because life is a very interesting journey. In the field of sciences, teachers can inspire students to become researchers or scientists that can develop solutions to mankind’s problems. If I become a teacher, I would motivate my students to study because they can make a contribution to the world. A teacher always goes through the never-ending process of learning. Every day, teachers must prepare their lessons that must present the latest updates on a certain body of knowledge. What has been taught many years ago would entirely be different from what is happening today. Today, new planets are discovered, more complex organisms are found, and history has changed. It is very interesting to become a teacher because you need to constantly study and read information that you can share to your students. Some students are bored because they keep on listening to the same things that have been said years ago. As a teacher, you can only induce learning when students see or hear something new that can be relevant to their daily lives. I love to study and my enthusiasm would influence the students in my class. I believe that a teacher’s life is very fulfilling. A lot of people take business courses because making money is their priority in life. Although it is true that everyone needs money to meet their needs, each person has their own value system. I value fulfillment that comes from non-material things. It is very touching to see how a student becomes a professional who contributes to society. I have an old relative who is a retired teacher. Some of her students never fail to greet her or visit her because she has influence their lives beyond the lesson in the classroom. My aunt also derives satisfaction from knowing that she has been a part of shaping the lives of many people. Teaching is a noble profession because the teacher devotes time and effort to develop lessons that would enrich the minds of their students. Teachers are also selfless because they can extend not only their knowledge but also their hearts to students who need their attention. A classroom is a microcosm of the world around us. Every student has a unique background that only a teacher can direct like a conductor in an orchestra. At this time, I am becoming aware of the struggles that a teacher has to face such as average pay and a lot of workload. There are also challenges like attending the emotional needs of students who have big problems in life. Despite these obstacles, I have resolved to become a teacher because I know I can make a big difference. Read More
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