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HR Contributes at SYSCO - Case Study Example

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The development of Virtual Resource Centre (VRC) as a part of market-driven approach, highlights the administrative role of HR. VRC enhanced the administrative efficiency of HR and it also contributed to the responsiveness of HR to employees and regional managers. …
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HR Contributes at SYSCO
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Extract of sample "HR Contributes at SYSCO"

HR Contributes at SYSCO – Case Study Answer The development of Virtual Resource Centre (VRC) as a part of market-driven approach, highlights the administrative role of HR. VRC enhanced the administrative efficiency of HR and it also contributed to the responsiveness of HR to employees and regional managers. By introducing VRC, amount of HR administrative activities has been reduced. Moreover, data collected through VRC increased drivers performance and delivery efficiency. The market-driven approach illustrates operational role of HR at SYSCO because through this approach, corporate HR identified the ways through which it could assist regional operations. Rather than developing corporate HR programs and making it necessary for operating units, SYSCO adopted the market-driven approach through which the managers of regional operations were given only those corporate HR programs which they required. Since operational activities are tactical in nature therefore, through this approach HR professionals cooperated with operating managers to only identify and implement needed programs and policies. The strategic role of HR at SYSCO is focusing on high turnover rates of night shift warehouse workers which is not only a problem for SYSCO but for other distribution firms as well. HR devised and implemented a number of programs and services such as conducted a survey of employees and managers to analyze the reasons of turnover. In this way, by devising the strategy and implementing it, HR increased retention rate by 20 percent and enhanced savings of $15 million per year. Answer 2: Reduction in workers’ compensation expenses could have been achieved by increasing ethical HR activities. Ethical HR activities should have accounted actual hours and time worked. The development of fair and actual expense reports should have been achieved. Moreover, the reduced personal bias in employee performance should have also been contributed to lower compensation expenses. HR activities could have focused on fair hiring and promotion strategies to reduce employee turnover. Moreover, by reducing any kind of discrimination, harassment cases and devising career growth plans for employees, turnover could have been further reduced. Finally, the frequent trainings of the employees could have improved their performance, thereby, improving customer satisfaction rate. Read More
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alvahzieme added comment 2 years ago
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I didn’t know how to start my document. "HR Contributes at SYSCO" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of structure was valuable.


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