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Bipolar disorder - Term Paper Example

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Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder, which is sometimes called manic-depressive illness, refers to a disorder of the brain that result into unusual changes in energy, mood as well as activity levels of individuals. It also interferes with the capacity of individuals to conduct their daily tasks…
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Bipolar disorder
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Bipolar disorder

Download file to see previous pages... Bipolar disorder falls among the oldest illnesses, which are known. The recognition of the disorder was during the second century and the discovery was in a Turkey’s city. The findings were not noticed and neither were they substantiated up to the year 1650, when Richard Burton, a scientist wrote his book called The Anatomy of Melancholia. The book majorly laid much emphasis on depression. The findings of the scientist are still used today even by fields related to mental health (Brent and Pan, 2008). In the year 1952, a journal article was written that critically analyzed the disorder’s heredity. The article showed that manic depression is capable of being passe own in families that already have patients with the disorder. In 1960’s, several people with bipolar disorder were placed at a given institution and provided with little financial help since the Congress refused to acknowledge that manic depression is a legitimate illness. However, during the 1970’s, laws were enacted and besides, standards were put into place to aid the afflicted individuals. Similarly, in the year 1979, National Association of Mental Health was established (Reich, Clayton and Winokur, 1969). During the 1980’s, research was finally capable of distinguishing between childhood as well as adult bipolar disorder. Presently, a number of studies are still needed to unravel the possible causes as well as the probable means of treating the illness (Baloch & Soares, 2010). Generally, bipolar disorder develops when an individual is approaching his late teens although it also develops when individuals approaches their adulthood. However, there are a number of cases commences before the age of 25 (Kessler et al, 2005). In a number of individuals, first symptoms occur during their childhood, while in others, symptoms may develop very late in their lives. Diagnosis of bipolar disorder is done after individuals report their experiences; however, it may also be done after friends, family members and co-workers detect an abnormality. Secondary signs of the illness may be detected by clinical psychologist, social workers, psychiatrist, nurses, and also through clinical evaluation. However, the diagnosis of the condition is dependent on the presence as well as the duration of specific signs as well as symptoms (Sadock & Sadock, 2007). For an individual having bipolar disorder to be diagnosed correctly, it takes roughly 20 years. In approximately 37% of patients, bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed erroneously since it is always mistaken for unipolar depression. Surveys also prove that about 50% of individuals suffering from the disorder fail to take the medications that are prescribed (Brent & Pan, 2008). In general, the problem is not caused by the patient, though impaired judgment offer powerful incentives for skipping the medication. In order to control the disorder, drugs should be used. However, the drugs have side effects, which include gaining of weight as well as cognitive dulling (Young et al., 1978). In about 90% of marriages, that involves partners with bipolar disorder result into divorce due to the diseases adverse effects. Moreover, researchers have made estimation that about 40 percent of individuals having the disorder abuse drugs. Researchers also state that approximately 15 to 25% of individuals ha ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bipolar Disorder
The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to identify the subtle forms of bipolar disorder; and (2) to provide factual information and empirical description of bipolar disorder and its subtle forms. The essay discussed bipolar disorders and its subtle forms through review of literatures and studies from 1983 to 2011.
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Psychological Issue Summary
People get depressed when they perceive bad things happening, whether bipolar or not. One of the problems with pessimistic outlooks and people with chronic depression is that they arrange their perception of events such as to be insulting, unfair or harmful to them.
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In this scenario they have not been and the effects on Roger are just now manifesting themselves in a negative way. Jeff also has trouble dealing with the abandonment issues caused by his wife’s leaving. With therapy, including CBT, parenting strategies, and changing the propensity for negative feedback into positive feedback, this family can become a strong functioning social unit.
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People who have it may appear very willful and often furious. Common features of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ODD consists of extreme, usually lasting rage, recurrent temper tantrums or angry outbursts, and disregard for authority. Children and adolescents with this disorder frequently irritate others on purpose, condemn others for their errors, and are easily provoked.
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Bipolar disorder
This is a disorder associated with moods where individuals who are suffering from it experience episodes of frenzy. These different states vary from being extremely happy, to extreme sadness, or irritability. The main one is the state of depression where an individual may shut down completely and fail to recover.
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Bipolar disorder
It can be simply defined as a psychological problem associated with mood, in which a person experiences mania, which is excessive happiness, irritation or excitement. On the other hand, they experience low moods known as depression in which they feel sad, suicidal, and lonely
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Before we discuss the effects of drugs in people with Bipolar Disorder, it would be appropriate to understand as to what are the bipolar disorders. Let start with Bipolar disorders
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This disorder can however be treated and individuals with the condition can be able to live full and productive lives. Bipolar disorder frequently arises in an individual’s late
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