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Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications - Literature review Example

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This paper "Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications" discusses the patients with a critical illness. The major research question was: What is the relationship between caregiver burden and the following three factors: (a) filial obligation (b) social support and (c) self-efficacy. …
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Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications"

Download file to see previous pages This includes data about the severity of the illness, the length of stay in the ICU and the hospital, the age of the care recipients, etc. This table also provides mean and standard deviation which are useful to simplify and summarize the data, so that an aggregate picture of the average care recipient can be used as the standard of comparison with the variables involved in this study.

The use of descriptive statistics in this study may not really be justified. The basic purpose of using descriptive
statistics and deriving the central tendency of a distribution is in order to deal with large volumes of data (Trochim, 2002). It offers a means to simplify data where there may be several quantitative measures or a large number in the sample, so that it is desirable to arrive at a single value to describe the data, such as percentage, mean standard deviation or graphical representation of data. However, the sample in this study comprises only 71 respondents. Moreover, it must also be noted that the degree of variability among the data is also not a wide one, for example, most caregivers are female and in their fifties, similarly, most care receivers are male and in their fifties. The use of Cronbach’s alpha to test reliability is however well justified in this medical study, especially in identifying the reliability of the caregiver burden subscales. As pointed out by Bland (1997), certain quantities such as anxiety or other subjective elements are difficult to measure quantitatively, therefore the use of several questions whose responses are compiled into a single numerical value – the Cronbach’s Alpha – is a reliable way to measure the internal consistency of the scale that is used. A study conducted by McKinley et al (1991) also used Cronbach’s alpha to measure the reliability of a scale to measure the subjective element of satisfaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications Literature review.
(Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications Literature Review)
Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications Literature Review.
“Analysis of Two Nursing Research Publications Literature Review”.
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