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End-of-life care is all about the ability of nurses to assist the patients and their families throughout the entire dying process or death (Hebert, Moore, & Rooney, 2011). Despite the significant role of nurses when caring for dying patients, most of these healthcare…
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Download file to see previous pages hlairet (2009) pointed out the fact that there are quite a lot of practicing nurses who either failed to receive proper education or continuing education on end-of-life care; which clearly explains why most of them have insufficient knowledge and skills on end-of-life care. Often times, these practicing nurses are not prepared to meet the healthcare needs of terminally ill patients with dementia (Regan, Tapley, & Jolley, 2014). As a result, the quality of life of terminally ill patients and their family members is adversely affected.
In relation to the nurses’ role in palliative care, this report seeks to determine the best ways to improve the nurses’ competency when managing terminally ill patients. As such, this report will seek to determine barriers that could hinder an effective end-of-life care. This report will also highlight ways on how nurses could practice effective communication such as active listening. All these are necessary to ensure that the nurses will be able to earn the patients’ trust and eventually build a stronger nurse-patient relationship.
Informing the readers about the current research findings and trends in end-of-life care could help increase the ability of practicing nurse to improve the quality of life of terminally ill patients and their family members.
Several studies managed to identify that lack of education (Todaro-Franceschi & Lobelo, 2014; Schlairet, 2009) or limitations in the core curriculum on issues related to end-of-life care (Hebert, Moore, & Rooney, 2011; Malloy et al., 2006) serve as a barrier behind the ability of practicing nurses to uplift the quality of life of terminally ill patients. Other than limitations in education or training, Reynolds, Drew and Dunwoody (2013) mentioned that the high cost of end-of-life care and patient or family denial can serve as a barrier to end-of-life care. Lastly, Hebert, Moore and Rooney (2011) explained that the inability of the nurses to communicate well with the patients ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Your Choice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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