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The film was entitled unnatural causes because according to an extensive research done by health experts and medical practitioners, it showed that social classes and racism were the greatest attributes to one’s health outcomes. The research showed that health status and wealth…
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Unnatural Causes
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"Unnatural Causes"

Download file to see previous pages Social class and racism are not natural causes for sickness and hence the title of the film ‘unnatural causes’.
The film is similar with other media that I have seen, read, and heard on the issues of health disparities and how it relates to one’s social class in that people in the lower social class are prone to disempowerment. Their economic status is low due to lack of the necessary resources and opportunities and hence they tend to get sick more often and their life expectancy is low. The people in this class are subject to chronic stress and cannot have access to better medical care services. They tend to get sick more often and hence live shorter lives. Exposure to chronic stress of race in a lifetime often leads to delivery of premature babies thus affecting health and life expectancy (California Newsreel, 2008). The film confirmed biases I had in regards to being poor rich, that wealthy people lead better, longer and healthy lives as compared to the poor (Haitkin, 2008).
The question that surfaced for me during the film that I would like to know more about is how the health status of the low social class can improve. With America having the highest gross national product in the world, how can the poor have access to medical care and training on health issues? The statement that best describes what I learnt from the film is that health inequalities are not natural. This is because, health disparities that are because of racial and class inequities arise from the decisions the society makes (California Newsreel, 2008). As a future nurse, I propose that the society or the government should try to ensure that everyone gains access to health care regardless of their wealth in order to live longer and healthier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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