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The stakeholders of the MGH include Partners Healthcare, North Shore Medical Centre and Women’s Hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital, 2015). The stakeholders define…
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The Quality Movement
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The Quality Movement The Quality Movement Definition of Quality by Various Stakeholders Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is among the oldest medical research and education centre in the world. The stakeholders of the MGH include Partners Healthcare, North Shore Medical Centre and Women’s Hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital, 2015). The stakeholders define quality in different ways. Some of the stakeholders define quality as the act of doing the right thing at the right time for the right person. Others define quality on basis of income generated by the hospital. When the hospital generates higher income they claim that it provides quality health care service due to large number of patients. Others define quality on bases of facilities in the hospital like vehicles (ambulance), scanning machines and other health care equipments (Hickey and Brosnan, 2012).
Defining Quality in Relation to the Organization
In respect to MGH, quality is the ability and efforts made by professional to provide health care services to individuals with an aim of achieving the desired outcome through application of the current professional knowledge. MGH is determined to provide the combination of patient care services that optimise the health of the surrounding population. MGH is also determined to provide an effective, efficient care of high quality to the patients all the time (Massachusetts General Hospital, 2015).
The Outcome Related to Quality being Monitored by the Organization
MGH monitors outcome by assessing the effects of the health care provided to patients and population. The hospital monitors the ability and efforts made to diagnose, treat and prevent health problems. MGH views the monitoring process as the bottom line since it gives an evaluation of the quality (Institute of Medicine, 2001). MGH performs condition specific approach in which professionals examines the outcome or end results of an individual in a certain diagnosis. The hospital also performs generic approach in which it monitors outcomes like patient satisfaction, mortality and change in status (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2011).
Data Collection and Evaluation
Related Data in MGH is collected by use of questionnaires filled in by patients and members of public. The patients respond to questions about the services obtained in the hospital. The patients also rate the hospital’s service. The forms filled by patients are then checked by the department of research in order to understand the areas to improve and note the hospital’s weakness (Institute of Medicine, 2001).
The use of Health Technology Information by the Organization
Technologically, MGH has advanced because it utilizes the use of new technology in service provision. The hospital fills patient’s data in computer unlike other hospital which uses hard copy papers and files. The use of computer in data filling makes it easy to assess patient’s information in future. MGH also has high quality technological treatment devices like scanners. Application of technology has made the hospital to improve quality (Hickey and Brosnan, 2012).
Communication of Quality Related Information in the Organization
The hospital has an organized system of addressing quality related information. The department of research provides the hospital with necessary information regarding to quality. Areas which need improvement are dressed by the department. The medical professionals in MGH are advised by the research department on how to improve and what to avoid in ensuring quality.
Strength and Weakness of the Approach to Quality in the Organization
On of the weakness is that MGH is considered the oldest health care provider in the world and sometimes it ignores public ideas because of superiority complex. Patients also have confidence with the hospital and sometime they fail to give negative feedback (Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail and Shabot, 2013). The strength in approach to quality is that the organization monitors and evaluates the quality on daily basis. The areas of concern are addressed with immediate effect (Massachusetts General Hospital, 2015).
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