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Anxiety is a human sensation that is common which everyone experiences at times. Various persons feel nervous or anxious, when encountering a problem like making an important decision, before taking a test, or before…
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OUTLINE OF LITERATURE REVIEW The literature review outline will discuss anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a human sensation that is common which everyone experiences at times. Various persons feel nervous or anxious, when encountering a problem like making an important decision, before taking a test, or before taking a test. Anxiety disorders, nevertheless, are different. They can cause such distress that it interferes with a persons ability to lead an ordinary life. Anxiety disorder is a severe mental illness. People with anxiety disorders, fear and worry, are overwhelming and constant, and can be crippling. It is, therefore, important that various anxiety disorders are identified. The anxiety disorders that have been identified include social anxiety, panic anxiety, social phobia, and generalized anxiety disorders.
Goldin and Gross (2010), argue that it is common to have a certain anxiety amount. For instance, when in danger it is normal for a person to become anxious. Anxiety disorder negatively affects people’s life. Bögels, et al. (2010), described social anxiety by saying that it involves self-consciousness and overwhelming worry about the social daily situations. Worry will create fear of others judging the person who is worrying, or causing certain behaviors that lead to embarrassment or ridicule. ZHOU, LIU, and NIU, (2012), state that specific phobia is a strong fear of specific situation or object like heights, snakes or flying high. Fear level is inappropriate usually to the situation and can make the person avoid common daily situations
Fear and anxiety are associated with the disorder, and they need to be comprehended. Anxiety can, therefore, be defined as hesitation over an expected problem and fear is defined as a response to an instant danger.
Cisler, Olatunji, Feldner, and Forsyth (2010) argued that generalized anxiety disorder involves unrealistic, excessive tension and worry even if there is nothing or little to cause anxiety. Cisler, and Koster (2010) discussed panic disorder and argue that it makes a person develop feelings of terror that repeatedly and suddenly strike without warning. Panic disorder can lead to panic attack symptoms like a choking feeling, sweating, going crazy feeling, chest pain, and palpitations.
The various sources have identified the anxiety disorders and grouped them according to the symptoms and signs. Following is an outline o
Anxiety disorders affect a lot of people, and they usually begin adolescent, childhood, and early adulthood. They are slightly common in women than men. The type of treatment offered depends on the type of an anxiety disorder (Davidson, Feltner, & Dugar, 2010). In a medication, the types of drugs used to decrease the anxiety disorder treatment include anxiety reducing drugs and antidepressants. Psychotherapy type of counseling can also help in addressing emotional reply to mental sickness. Professions will talk and help strategize methods to deal with the disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also be useful as a person will learn to recognize and deal with the disorder involved. Lifestyle and dietary changes are also useful in addressing anxiety disorder. Relaxation therapy is also another useful method to be applied.
Controlling and lessening anxiety disorders can be done through Seeking support and counseling anxious feeling are regularly felt without good reasons and as well as reducing or stopping the intake of caffeine products like chocolate, energy drinks, tea, coffee, and cola (Davidson, Feltner, &Dugar , 2010). It can also be done by consulting a pharmacist or doctor before taking herbal remedies or over-the-counter medicines as most contain chemicals which increase symptoms of anxiety.
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ZHOU, T., LIU, C., & NIU, J. (2012). PERSONALITY ANALYSIS FOR PATIENTS WITH GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER. Acta Academiae Medicinae Qingdao Universitatis, 2, 030. Read More
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