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Approach to care - Essay Example

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Cancers are generally named after the organs they attack. For example, cancer that attacks the colon is called colon cancer. Caners begin in cells, which is the basic unit of the…
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Approach to care
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"Approach to care"

Download file to see previous pages The extra cells form a mass of tissues which take the shape of a tumor.
Apart from a number of preliminary tests, positive diagnosis is made by investigation of a biopsy sample of concerned cancer tissue. Cancer staging is mostly decided by biopsy outcomes which provide definite clues to decide the level of the cancer type and the magnitude of cancer spread. Staging also enables the caregivers to arrive at the conclusion of treatment modes. Staging is also pointer to the aggressiveness and indicator as to how widespread the cancer in the body is. Loss of desire for food or inexplicable weight loss, exhaustion, cachexia, headaches, bone or joint pain, neurological indications, such as wobbly walk or memory loss, neck or facial enlargement, unusual bleeding, hoarseness in voice etc. are the warning signs for the impending attack of cancer.
The most important part of the treatment mode is the concerned cancer patient. The treatment protocol must fit into the needs of the individual, on the basis of various reports before the caregiver, including that of biopsy. Generally, more than one cancer specialists are involved in taking the decision about the modalities of treatment. The treatment will include one or all of the following procedures, depending on the stage of the cancer. They are: “surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy”. (Davis, 2014) At this stage, the caretaker has taken the decision about the nature of cancer and the treatment modalities.
Cancer is the unrestrained growth of nonstandard cells anywhere in the body. The causes of cancer are many and some remain unknown till date. The broad, potential cause of cancer is the abnormal development of the body cell/s. Such development may be due to genetic makeup and combination of other factors. Specific enumeration of causes that result in cancer is impossibility. With the details available through scientific research, caregivers now ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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