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Research Utilization (Research/Evidence-based Practice/Global Health) - Assignment Example

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Autism is a global health problem that constitutes about 0.3% of the global burden of disease according to the World Health Organization figures leading to the designation of 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day (World Health Organization, 2013). We can define autism as a…
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Research Utilization (Research/Evidence-based Practice/Global Health)
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Download file to see previous pages This global health problem is important for nursing considering that it a lifetime challenge with no cure. Hence, nurse ought to have a clear understanding of the disorder and its prevalence with an aim of learning how to manage it through effective nursing care. Four nursing research studies define the known information about autism in the United States population and in U.K and South Korea. The paper will also include an Appraisal Synopsis for each of the research studies published in peer-reviewed journals and written by nurses.
Recent statistics confirm that cases of autism are increasing in developed and developing nations leading to adverse effects like stigma and discrimination on education, health, and opportunities in the society (World Health Organization, 2013). With one in 68 U.S. children having an autism, the U.S government seeks to improve the lives of autism victims and their families by supporting research, improving supports and services, and working closely with the entire community (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2014). Furthermore, with more than 1.1% of the U.K population having autism, the National Autistic Society seeks to provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign to improve the lives of the victims (The National Autistic Society, 2014).
Researchers excluded participants if they were receiving other language or articulation treatments or therapy at the time of the study, were unable to attend four 45 min sessions of therapy weekly for 5 weeks, or had a history of severe hearing impairment (Givona, Karen & Noha, 2013). Participants with a history of severe visual impairment/blindness, diagnosis of an organic impairment of oral or laryngeal structures, or significant medical illness also faced exclusion from the study (Givona, Karen & Noha, 2013).
More than four speech pathologists analyzed each participant before entering the study. Participants in the study were autistic, nonverbal with no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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