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Burns contribute to a large percentage of accidental injuries and even deaths worldwide, coming only after motor vehicle/ pedestrian injuries and drowning. Even though certain cases of injury do not require hospitalization, severe burn injuries can usually lead substantive…
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Burns of Affiliation: Burns Burns contribute to a large percentage of accidental injuries and even deaths worldwide, coming only after motor vehicle/ pedestrian injuries and drowning. Even though certain cases of injury do not require hospitalization, severe burn injuries can usually lead substantive morbidity or even death in certain cases, making burn injuries a significant aspect of consideration especially on the care that such patients require. Burnt patients usually differ from other critically ill patients in a number of ways. For the most-effective care, burn patients usually require monitoring that concentrates on the pathophysiology burns, injuries caused as a result of inhalation of smoke and the resultant edema formation (Porth, 2011).
The main objectives of burn care are for the restoration of the functionality, form, and feeling to the patient (Sommers and Johnson, 2000). As the nurse in-charge of providing care to a patient with 70% of body burnt, there is certain knowledge that is required for the administration of effective care, one of which is the prevention of complications such as hypothermia and compartment syndromes. In order to offer appropriate care to burnt patient, first, there should be immediate resuscitation to prevent the failure of any organ. Repairs then follow this for the damaged tissues and the skin (Sommers and Johnson, 2000). Rehabilitation which is important for physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of the patient is then undertaken (Porth, 2011). Reconstruction of the scars that form from burns can usually lead to functionality impairment, and therefore should always be checked.
The use of a ventilator to help in the inhalation process is very effective, considering that the patient had inhaled a significant amount of smoke. On the other side, the use of narcotics and the patient’s immobility increase the patient’s risk factors. Narcotics increase the occurrence of constipation and because the patient is bedridden, and the situation is likely to escalate as lack of mobility increases constipation. It is, therefore, most appropriate that narcotics used is halted.
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