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Health Care Communications Methods Nursing Home Option 1 - Research Paper Example

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the course of the new policies implemented and patient have to be displaced, poses a challenging situation to the administrator considering that some of the…
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Health Care Communications Methods Nursing Home Option 1
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Extract of sample "Health Care Communications Methods Nursing Home Option 1"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, as an administrator of the nursing home, he or she has the responsibility to arrange how these patients are going to enjoy their rights to medication. Therefore, the administrator has to choose communication method that will be effective to every resident either traditional, electronic or social media method.
Ancient communication involves using brochures, pamphlets and booklets that are intended to reach audience randomly. However, it is expensive to incur the cost of printing health information in these materials when a few copies are required. Therefore, to be cost effective, many copies of these materials are printed at once.Traditional communication is associated with some advantages such as: convey a precise message because developers of the information seek to produce materials and programs that would meet the need of a large number of potential users, different subgroups in the society were able to access different version of material from the writers. On the other hand, traditional communication hasits disadvantages such that, it is very cumbersome to print a large number of information materials for a large population since the writers writes distinctive information for different population, additionally; if the information to be printed involve a few copies, it is very expensive. Lastly, to customize on population outreach of information by the administrator to different individuals will bedependent upon quick processing of large volume of data hence residents can misunderstand information leading to ineffectiveness of the administrator to the residents.
Emergence of tailored health communication was an indication of growing marketing approach to modify communication in nursing home formedby uniting various innovations at once. Tailored health communication (THC) refers to bringing together information and performance change plans expected to get to a particular person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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