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For a number of occasions, people have developed puzzles in identifying the best nurse. With respect to this, the nursing practitioners…
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Dq 2
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Differences between DNP and PhD in Nursing Nursing practice is considered as one of the most important profession in the societysince it deals with the use of human life and care. For a number of occasions, people have developed puzzles in identifying the best nurse. With respect to this, the nursing practitioners experience the burden of identifying the differences in a doctorate program in nursing (DNP) and PhD in nursing (Kleinpell, 2013).
DNP degree is more practical while PhD is based on research. PhD being meant for research purposes enable the graduates learns skills and carries out research to ascertain the findings. DNP, on the other hand, equip students with adequate assessment knowledge to evaluate the impact of research of this discipline (Glasgow and Dreher, 2011).
The curriculum of DNP relent its focus to a practical interpretation of the research findings into improving all the necessary systems that are used in maintenance of the patient care as well as determining the outcomes from the society. The degree for PhD has got a scientific perspective, which is meant to develop the graduates in formation of research teams who use the knowledge of the research in addressing the chronic diseases and patients care systems.
Before a graduate is awarded a doctorate degree, DNP graduates must show that they have learnt financial management and budgeting plan while PhD students, however, concentrate on research methods, data and statistical analysis. DNP students can be absorbed in the job opportunity such as health-care administrator or clinical nurses while PhD graduates are bestowed as nurse scientists (Glasgow & Dreher, 2011).
Because of the passion and adoration of care to patients and less fortunate members of the society, DNP becomes a preferred choice of course compared to PhD. This is because people are involved in a more practical approach which in turn enhances relationships, polishes skills while people earn at the same time (Pagana, 2008).
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