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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign , Prostate Cancer Funding - Senator Boxer introduced the Prostate and Mens Education Act, - Research Paper Example

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This type of cancer affects the prostrate glands and it involves a gradual process though some cases it spreads fast. The cancer is curable if detected at an early stage. In America, this type of cancer is among…
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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign , Prostate Cancer Research Funding - Senator Boxer introduced the Prostate Research and Mens Education Act,
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Extract of sample "Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign , Prostate Cancer Funding - Senator Boxer introduced the Prostate and Mens Education Act,"

Download file to see previous pages The cause of prostate cancer is not clearly understood, but researchers argue that issues like race, family and age are beyond ones’ control. But some risk factors like avoiding fatty foods can be avoided as one is advised to eat more fruits, unsaturated foods, whole grains and intake of less red meat. Some medication from well equipped health centers helps reduce the spread of the cancer in the body. Drugs like; finastede have shown to reduce the prostrate cancer risk (John, 2008). California population is the most affected with cancer cases with 1,277,200 people affected with different types of cancer. The state projects that in 2012, more than 144,800 new cases will occur. The patients with prostate cancer include 20,195 new cases that makes up to 28% and 3,085 deaths occurs. The survivors of prostate cancer are 240,200 that accounts for 42%. Although from 1988 to 2009, 11% reduction has been reported as mortality reduces by 23% (CCR, 2012).
The advocacy that have been effective include the “Us too advocacy” that uses the prostate cancer survivors and victims to spread the awareness creation. They give speeches in forums, hold door to door awareness creations and attended screening centers to help explain to the attendees the screening environment. The attributes that makes this advocacy campaign is that it involves survivors, volunteers and experts to spread the required awareness messages. The volunteers take their time to deliver the message of the benefits of early screening, explaining the screening environment to the people so that they attend the screening exercise and encouraging people the people to attend the screening centers. The other attribute makes this advocacy to be effective is the involvement of medical experts on comprehensive research and provision of a variety of advanced treatment (CCR, 2012). The other advocacy campaign that is effective is the “Zero prostate cancer” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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