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The HONcode Site Evaluation Form - Article Example

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This article shows three websites were reviewed for this research paper using the HONcode Site Evaluation Form as shown necessary for review websites in the proper manner. The title page shows eight Principles of Review, this Form is used for website evaluation…
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The HONcode Site Evaluation Form
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Extract of sample "The HONcode Site Evaluation Form"

Download file to see previous pages With principle 1.2 about whether the site offers medical/health information and advice, there is medical information but there is a link at the bottom of the page for Terms and Conditions of Use and it is noted here that if there is a medical emergency, the visitor should “seek appropriate emergency medical assistance.” There are also statements on Privacy, Security of information, a “No Warranties” statement, a “Limitation of Liability” statement, “User Agreements” statement, a “Discontinuance of Services” statement, a “Copyright and Trademark Information” statement and a “Dispute Resolution” statement. Principle 2 addresses Complementarity/Mission/Assistance and for 2.3, the Terms and Conditions of Use statement apply here as well. There is no particular direct advice to do something or take something. Principle 2.4 shows the mission statement very clearly on the website. Principle 2.5 shows this site supports both the regular public looking for information and also supports the doctor-patient relationship through advanced information and for referrals to the Mayo Clinic for further help. Principle 3.6 shows a clear statement of confidentiality and privacy and how to use the site safely. 3.7 provides all legal requirements concerning medical and personal information and also disclaimer, just in case information is compromised. Principle 4.8 shows modification on each page for the last date modified and this is consistent throughout the website. 4.9 shows no real references from other sites unless it is connected to the Mayo Clinic in some way. All information is original. Principle 5.10 shows all claims as part of scientific research or by suitable medical personnel. Principle 6.11 shows a valid email address for the webmaster and also a valid contact form. Principle 7.12 shows where all funding comes from by going to the funding and donation site. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Using the Search Engine of Your Choice, Search for Three (3) Websites Article.
“Using the Search Engine of Your Choice, Search for Three (3) Websites Article”, n.d.
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