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Scenario #1 - Assignment Example

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H. from the time she was brought to the hospital to the time she died. The communication gap in this situation is brought about by the lack of proper reflection of the events at the hospital. Patient care requires…
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Scenario #1
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Download file to see previous pages After responding to the patient’s need, the next procedure was for the nurses to relate to the patients pain.
Thereafter, effective measures in easing the pain experienced by the patients were to be undertaken by the nurses. Constant monitoring of the patient’s condition and communication with family members could assist in understanding the patient’s condition. Constant monitoring of the patient’s condition in collaboration with health professionals will help in promoting good healthcare for patients (Lemmer, 2009). Documented history of the patient home care is also helpful in improving care since doctors can easily monitor patient condition when he/she is brought to the hospital. Family meeting on the health of the patient assists in toning down the tension and coming up with a common message and feeling towards the health of the patient. In this case, a family meeting would help in appointing a person to collaborate with the nurses and doctors in taking care of the patient.
The patient had several signs that caused pain and anguish to the patient while at the same time it led to the death of the patient. The important steps that need to be carried out in managing the patient look into reporting, responding, relating, reasoning and reconstructing. These steps are used in taking care of the pain and managing the patient in the process of providing good healthcare to the patients. In this case, the nurses would have managed the pain suffered by Mrs. H. and then make her comfortable while looking for solutions to each of the symptoms (Lemmer, 2009). The first care step would be to make Mrs. H. comfortable and rehydrate her for the patient to be able to cope with her pain.
In this case, stabilizing the patient is quite important for Mrs. H. while at the same time looking for solutions through consultations with doctors and experts. Teaching the family the process of monitoring the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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