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The reason why many countries do not succeed in adopting interoperability is because of the above reason; therefore, developing…
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Interoperability Assignment
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Criticism of a Scenario on Interoperability Q Interoperability at the international and national level. What does this mean for Nursing?
Interoperability at the international and national level shows that an automation of every work that a nurse is supposed to do is not cheap and easy. The reason why many countries do not succeed in adopting interoperability is because of the above reason; therefore, developing countries that are trying to suite late technologies in health care let alone interoperability. As indicated at the end of the scenario, a day’s work is done “mostly hand free.” This situation tends to overrule and assume the economic implication of introducing Interoperability. Probably several nurses would lose their jobs because since one machine can do work for ten individuals. Therefore, it undervalues a national and international problem of unemployment by making nursing a course for machines. In addition, extra training of EMR technology would be necessary for this event.
Q 2. Provide the legal record of care
Provision of legal record for care is one of the matters that the scenario fails to elaborate clearly, since the scenario has proven to focus more on a nurse having a programmed device. However, it is reasonable to mention some shreds of legal record for care when certain mistakes such as losing or misplacing a patient’s file and failing to assure the safety and welfare of patients in a health center.
Q 3. Support clinical decision-making
Decision-making that is quick and accurate is one of the most important things in heath care in order to save a life during an emergency. The scenario presents a health environment with efficient and reliable information system. It also discusses a device that ensures receiving of calls from the nurse and allowing communication between internal and external parties – doctors, nurses, patients, and family members is complete. It is evident that the type of information is priceless and cases of neglect and death have been reported because doctors fail to make prompt decision-making. However, with interoperability in place, these statistics are bound to drop.
Q 4. Capture costs for billing, costing and/or accounting purposes
It feels good to find out that the scenario achieves to please and get the support of many people. However, it has intentionally focused on the positive side of interoperability and automated health care record and done away with its shortcomings. The most noticeable one is that this scenario has failed to discuss financial obligations required in a health center. A correct speculation is that the procedure would cost a lot. The scenario highlights about activities in a hospital of discharging a patient and a well-structured transport team, which ensures that a patient is handed to their family. One question that will obviously come to mind is how this complexity would cost the government and the citizens.
Q 5. Accumulate a structured, retrievable data base for administrative queries, quality assurance, research
Administrative Queries:
Doctors are also maintained and taken care of since each nurse has a device in hand and bed hardware to ensure their safety. With a system that is information centered as the scenario suggests that it would be very efficient for queries from both patients that are admitted and new ones.
Quality Assurance
Interoperability seeks to solve the problems affecting the safety of doctors, nurses and limiting errors that might occur. This scenario aim at that too because safety of information reduces chances of mistakes on prescription of different patients.
Information stored and recorded for different patients is private since this would include diagnosis of their diseases, in turn for rare diseases diagnosed, an opportunity for research is found.
Q 6. Support data exchange with internal and external systems
The connection amid the nurse with the internal and external systems is highlighted in the scenario clearly. An internal link occurs during a discharge, in which a nurse gives a sign to the transport team using a device in hand to pick the patient while external occurs when a family and a patient use bedside hardware to converse to nurses, doctors, and catering department.
Dridwise Architectural Council. (2009). Financial Benefits of Interoperability. Gridwise
Architecture Council. Retrieved on October 9, 2012 from Read More
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