The family experiencing leukemia and a financial crisis - Assignment Example

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Consequently, the subsequent sections offer insights on nursing diagnosis, nursing intervention and finally assessing the outcome of…
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The family experiencing leukemia and a financial crisis
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Family Experiencing Leukemia and Financial Crisis The case study of the Family experiencing leukemia and financial crisis presents several avenues for formulating appropriate nursing diagnosis. Consequently, the subsequent sections offer insights on nursing diagnosis, nursing intervention and finally assessing the outcome of interventions.
Nursing Diagnosis #1: Risk for Caregiver Role Strain
Maria is the sole family member currently having a stable job as a full time teacher. Consequently, she suffers distress arising from the potential risk posed by the loss of her job. She is increasingly afraid of the reality of how loss of her job would eventually affect her family. Furthermore, she is increasingly under stress of having to balance her role at work and acting as a caregiver for Peter in the hospital (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2002). In addition, Maria is in a psychological and emotional dilemma on how to deal with her 8 year old daughter. Maria’s work and caregiver attention to Peter do not let her have enough time for dealing with her daughter’s emotional stress.
Nursing Diagnosis #2: Disable Family Coping
Katy, the 8 year old child, is facing an emotional difficulty in coping with her brother’s diagnosis. Accordingly, she is affected by the lack of parental attention and thus acts out in anger both at school and at home. Furthermore, her disability in coping is exhibited by her reluctance to visit her brother in hospital (Pedia, 2012).
Nursing interventions for nursing diagnosis #1
Foremost, as a solution for Maria’s emotional coping stress, a referral to a support group is necessary. Consequently, she will be able to receive professional emotional support and coping mechanisms pertaining to the stressors resulting from caregiver role and taking care of her sick son (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2002). In addition, Maria equally needs to seek social support from her church. This can be through church members who rotationally volunteer to assist her in household chores such as grocery or taking care of Katy whenever she is at work or at the hospital with Peter.
In essence, Maria should be advised to seek the professional help from social workers that can assist her with a homemaker. The main purpose is to obtain a homemaker that can assist her with household chores while she is at work and consequently lower her caregiver stressors. Moreover, Maria needs to be furnished with a list of animal shelters that assist families in financial need by providing free food for their pets (Pedia, 2012).
Nursing Interventions for Nursing Diagnosis #2
Both parents of Katy need to be advised by family psychiatrist on the need to devote some parental attention time for Katy. Furthermore, in providing parental attention to Katy they need to reassure Katy of their love for her and also explain to her the health circumstances of her brother. Moreover, Katy needs to be evaluated by both health psychiatrist and school counselor to help her cope with anger issues. In this instance, they should offer her emotional coping mechanism arising from reduced parental attention and Peter’s condition (Pedia, 2012).
Outcome Evaluation of Nursing Diagnosis #1
The professional support group will help Maria to attain an improved emotional status to cope with her son’s illness. This is because she will be able to relate and draw strength from members undergoing similar health and financial stressors. Likewise, Maria will appreciate the power of social support from the community (in this case, the church); in assisting her on parental duties with Katy, caring for Peter and conducting household duties (Pedia, 2012).
Outcome Evaluation for Nursing Diagnosis # 2
The devotion of some parental attention and advice will contribute to reassuring Katy of her parents love. Furthermore, she will be able to understand her brother’s condition more clearly and the need for his personalized care. Additionally, the psychiatric evaluation will develop Katy’s emotional coping skills at home and school. The health psychiatrist, school counselor and church volunteer will be able to evaluate Katy’s coping skills and progress. As such, the social worker, nurse and health psychiatrist will be in a position to evaluate the family’s coping mechanism to the stressful situation. Furthermore, upon the discharge of Peter from hospital, he should be referred to a home health agency where a nurse and social worker can aid in monitoring the family’s progress. The timeline for expected results of the family’s coping should be evident within duration of six months to one year.
In evaluating the success of my intervention strategies, they will be subject to a set criterion. First, when Maria will be able to comfortably spend more with her family without having to compromise her work due to absence. Second, when it is evident that the presence of the domestic cat in the household is permanent. Finally, when Katy develops a positive attitude for coping with Peter’s condition as well as improving her performance at school and relations with peers.
Friedman, M. R., Bowden, V. R., & Jones, E. (2002). Family nursing: Research, theory, and practice (5th Edition). NJ: Prentice Hall.
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