Health Related Website Eval Form and Nursing Article from Bay College Library - Assignment Example

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This article provides latest information on chronic and acute diseases thus giving advice on care for older adults. Geriatric nursing provides information on current…
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Health Related Website Eval Form and Nursing Article from Bay College Library
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Extract of sample "Health Related Website Eval Form and Nursing Article from Bay College Library"

Evidence Based Research Geriatric nursing is a comprehensive article that provides clinical information relating to caring for the old. This article provides latest information on chronic and acute diseases thus giving advice on care for older adults. Geriatric nursing provides information on current issues connecting to drugs, legal issues, and infection control. The article provides sufficient information to nurses and nurses practitioners on issues relating to older adults.
This article is efficient since it provides current issues and older issues are put in periodical stacks. It provides an opportunity for students to check out issues in the periodic stalks for a week. The article is reliable as it provides reliable and verifiable information. Students do not have to pay any money for accessing information. The article provides quality information that is available for students from home and in campus (Bay College Library: Resource for Nursing, 2012).
People can understand evidence based practice by establishing the meaning of this approach and understanding its benefits. Geriatric article explains how evidence based practice can connect gaps between, theory and practice. It is quite unfortunate, as many nurses do not have the skills of incorporating evidenced based nursing in clinical practice. This article explains patient centered approach as an approach used in evidence based nursing as a strategy for improving patience care (Rubin, 2011). The article illustrates that the nursing profession, as a practice should strive to improve patients care (Barker, 2009). Evidence based practice is not only based on research since it includes all forms of research. It is a research practice where nurses use current information to make clinical decisions.
Do you think geriatric article has incorporated evidenced based research when dealing with their patients?
Barker, J. (2009). Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses. New York: SAGE Publications.
(2012). Bay College Library: Resource for Nursing. Retrieved on September 21st 2012 from

Rubin, A. (2011). Practitioners Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice. New
York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Health Related Website Eval Form and Nursing Article from Bay College Assignment.
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