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There were nine provisions approved by the ANA House of Delegates related to the new Code of Ethics for the Nurses during the meeting in Washington DC held in June 30 2012. The Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics during July 2001, and they voted to accept that language of…
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Pros and Cons of Continuing Nursing Education Related to ANA of Ethics Pros and Cons of Continuing Nursing Education Related to ANA Code of Ethics
There were nine provisions approved by the ANA House of Delegates related to the new Code of Ethics for the Nurses during the meeting in Washington DC held in June 30 2012. The Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics during July 2001, and they voted to accept that language of interpreting the statements leading to approving of the Code of Ethics for Nurses with the Interpretive Statement, hence the essay will discuss the pros and cons of continuing nursing education in relation to ANA Code of Ethics (WOCN, 2012).
According to a statement by ANA (2001), there are credentials in relation to nurses aimed at communicating to credibility and competence to the consumers of health care services. In relation to the code of ethics, there are recommendations by ANA for the nurses to use credentials that are accepted, these credentials are gathered from the continuing nursing education, and code of ethics encourages participation of nurses in the advancement of the professionalism by contributing to continuing nursing education and development of knowledge.
The con of the code of ethics proposed by ANA provides the assumption as a major role in the determination and implementation of the standards of critical nursing for continuing nursing education. It also develops the core of research-based professional knowledge, and the nursing is expected to act via the profession in the organization, participation in the creation and maintenance of equitable social and economic conditions of working (Gray, Bliss, Bookout, Colwell, Dutcher, Engberg, Evans et al., 2002). Therefore, the code of ethics does not encourage the continuing nursing education; instead it encourages the maintenance of professionalism.
American Nurses Association (ANA). (2001). Code of ethics for nurses, with interpretive statements. Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Publishing
Gray, M., Bliss, D., Bookout, K., Colwell, J., Dutcher, J., Engberg, S., Evans, E., et al. (2002). Evidence-based nursing practice: A primer for the WOC Nurse. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, 29, 283-286
WOCN. (2012).WOCN Policy & Procedure Manual. Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing. Retrieved on 9 September 2012 from <>Read More
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No Title Needed Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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