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Delivery of healthcare in the USA and the impact on licensed practical/ vocational nursing - Research Paper Example

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This article discusses how the global recession experienced in the United States despite its leading to the loss of many jobs for other individuals in other sectors brought about a dramatic increase in the health sector. This was specifically experienced with an increase of over…
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Delivery of healthcare in the USA and the impact on licensed practical/ vocational nursing
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Download file to see previous pages People still become sick and need constant medical care. The other factor is the fact that with the recession, there comes more demand for more family income and since most of the Registered Nurses are married women who need to supplement their family income, most of them had no alternative but to go back and rejoin the workforce for the economic security of their households.
The Congressional Budget Office projects that the rate of unemployment may not return until year 2017. This therefore is interpreted in the article to mean that over these years and as unemployment rate improves, many of these Registered Nurses who have gone back to work will leave the workforce once again due to the improvement in the economy. The number of those who will leave is however not known. The employers are therefore warned not to take this increase in the number of nurses as an end to the nursing shortage since it may recur once the economy improves and they should therefore still have measures to address this reemergence and post-recession shortage.
Practical nurses provide nursing and care giving services in hospitals and other health care facilities under the supervision of Registered Nurses. They also come in handy to curb nurse shortage within the country which has over the years become rampant. With these two important roles in mind, practical nurses therefore have a very big role to play in the delivery of health care of United States.
Based on the article above, an increase in registered nurses as a result of recession spells doomsday to the practical nurses (Douglas, David and Peter, 2012). One of the major reasons for this is the fact that the assistance of practical nurses to the registered nurses who are usually few will no longer be required since the registered nurses will be many to handle the patients in the hospitals. With an increase in the registered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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