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Ethical and Human Issues in Health Care - Research Paper Example

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This work deals with analyzing the ethical issues in respect of global health care, In this regard, various health care journals were examined and academic sources were scrutinized. Inequality in the maintenance of health care systems globally is the major problem…
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Ethical and Human Issues in Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages Health inequities generate issues that deeply question our moral convictions. Any society should provide its members with the requisite conditions for attaining the best possible health, as this leads to a contented and useful life. Such is the demand of justice in health. This viewpoint renders a global community unjust if it permits the premature demise of individuals. It should, in fact, promote the economic and social conditions that are essential for preserving life (Ruger, 2006, p. 1002). A segregation of the members of society on the basis of deprivation is to be achieved. This in turn clearly identifies the individuals who are in urgent need of access to health care. It is important to realize that this intervention does not abandon the improvement of the average health (Ruger, 2006, p. 1002). Moreover, the provision of medical facilities to the groups occupying the center of the ill health spectrum is not discarded in this endeavor. Consequently, universal health coverage is promoted with regard to diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis (Ruger, 2006, p. 1002). These diseases have been seen to be prevalent to a much greater extent among the disadvantaged sections of society. Moreover, there is a close correlation between global health and health and human rights. This relationship is founded on the inherent value of every individual and the rights of a person that derive from the local and international community. It is the objective of global health to ensure these rights. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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