Goal , which states my purpose for applying to graduate school, choice of specialty and role, and future plan - Personal Statement Example

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When I think of the future, I think of the hard work and dedication I have to give to achieve success and contribute something meaningful in the health care sector. My goal is to be a successful family nurse practitioner with a difference in touching people’s life. In my life…
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Goal statement, which states my purpose for applying to graduate school, choice of specialty and role, and future plan
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When I think of the future, I think of the hard work and dedication I have to give to achieve success and contribute something meaningful in the health care sector. My goal is to be a successful family nurse practitioner with a difference in touching people’s life. In my life journey, I have gone through various challenges that have motivated and encouraged me to make a significant contribution to society.
While studying at Simmons College undergraduate program for my second degree, I encountered a life lesson that turned my life focus. I was undertaking a class called the cultural diversity class, which involved various inspiring projects. For one of the projects, I had to write an essay as to why I was pursuing higher education. As a woman, from a cultural background where education for women was not significant, as they were considered only as homemakers this topic was of interest to me. This class was a revelation to me, as it motivated me to empower myself, develop knowledge and skills in my career as well as being confident in my practice. It as well encouraged me to go into the community and serve the people that were underserved.
I am privileged to work as a Med Surg nurse on a general medicine floor in one of the best teaching hospitals in the country. This experience has made me grow professionally and personally. It gave me the prospect to work with a varied cluster of patients and their families with varying diagnosis and from various socioeconomic cultures. Additionally, I interacted with members of the hospital’s multidisciplinary team made up of staff members from various departments, as we coordinated and ensured that patients got safe and ultimate care they deserve. This was an immense learning experience.
Working in the hospital has been an elevating experience. It has helped me in understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing, which is caring of a patient as a whole. It has also formed the foundation for me to center my dreams of a passionate nurse that I am as I embark in the nurse practitioner role.
I am interested of being a family nurse practitioner because after having the opportunity to interact with so many people while working at the hospital, I find being involved with a diverse population inspiring. I would like to work with the entire family of all ages from pediatric to the geriatric population. This aspiration was further strengthened in me after attending to 57-year-old patient diagnosed with end stage liver disease and encephalopathy and was struggling with her life. The family had a tough time deciding on the patient’s end of life care, as the patient’s children wanted their mother’s status to be full code while the patient’s siblings and mother advocated for comfort care. As a nurse, I played a noteworthy role of ensuring that the family reached an amicable agreement. I established a trusting relationship with the family before I educated them on the patient’s prognosis and in the end, the patient passed on with the family united. This was instrumental as it is imperative for a family nurse to be integral on educating patients about end of life care decision to avoid disputes.
I believe that Boston college school of nursing could help me accomplish my dreams of being a Nurse Practitioner where I would obtain the knowledge and skills customized to educate, the community in incredibly vital medical decisions. I chose Boston College because of its stature, as one of the best nursing schools in the country, and its ability to produce professionals, as well as helping many to achieve their goals. I hope to have a chance to advance my education here and help me achieve my goals (Royal 2011).

Royal, B. (2011). MBA admissions: Essay writing. Alberta, Canada: Maven Publishing. Read More
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