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The course has challenged my previous beliefs about aging and given me a new outlook of the elderly. My most defining moment was during one of our video sessions. The defining moment…
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My Personal Philosophy of Aging
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Download file to see previous pages Never in my life had I imagined that old age could be interesting and fan. The video clip however, proved that this was possible and that there are old people out there who are really enjoying being old. These people can dance, keep healthy and fit, party and widely socialize with one another. It is through this moment that, I completely shunned my previous view of old age as being boring, frustrating, sickly and of it being only a step away from death.
Seeing this video has made me realize that, aging is unique to every person and it only depends on how one wants it to impact on his or her life. I have learnt that, I am the one to determine the kind of life to have as an older person. This has also taught me to treat each elderly person individually, identify their needs and respond to those needs separately without generalization. This will also be an effective way of ensuring that the treatment and care I give during practice is in line with the assessment done on an individual and specific problem and needs identified (Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, 1997).
I have also realized that being old is just a continuation of a person’s life and that it should not stop one from living his or her life as before. Health is of value even during this age and maintaining it in terms of exercise, diet and positively enjoying oneself should be a priority for all (Wilmoth & Ferraro, 2004). Other than this, the old equally want to be loved, taken care of, have company and be respected just like everyone else. Caring for the older people during my practice should therefore ensure that my patients not only feel, respected, loved and cared for as brought about by Grinspun, et al. (2001-2002), but that they also feel like their transition into old age is normal and that it can be exciting as well. My role in taking care of them will include teaching them how to enjoy their life.
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