Keeping the elderly in their home vs nursing home placement - Essay Example

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This issue has interested me personally because I witnessed the difficult decision being made in my own family with my grandparents…
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Keeping the elderly in their home vs nursing home placement
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Keeping the Elderly in their Home vs. Nursing Home Placement There are a number of notable questions in the debate over whether to keep elderly in their homes or move them to nursing home placement. This issue has interested me personally because I witnessed the difficult decision being made in my own family with my grandparents. Similarly, I recognize that my parents are aging and a similar decision will one day need to be made in their lives. The assumptions I have about the issue are that nursing home care is oftentimes a cold and impersonal environment that should be avoided when possible. In terms of macro-levels of investigation, the major concerns emerge in terms of public health care and questions of whether the individual or government should be responsible for funding nursing home residents. Achieving a substantial approach to the question of nursing home care will aid the nation by contributing to socio-political debates regards health care costs. One organization that supports this issue is the National Family Caregivers Association. This organization greatly considers the importance of supporting individuals that aid people in at-home living situations. One of the major things I learned in researching this subject was the strong change that has occurred for at-home care. With technological advancements, seniors now have many increased options for caregivers and other such aid that allow them to refrain from nursing home care. Prior to the investigation I would have further question cost issues between caregivers and nursing homes. Read More
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