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This interest has grown increasingly with time, especially with the realization that in any society, nurses, through their knowledge and skills, play a crucial supporting role as far as…
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Letter of Intent
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Letter of Intent I have always wanted to become a healthcare provider, particularly a Practical Nurse. This interest has grown increasingly with time, especially with the realization that in any society, nurses, through their knowledge and skills, play a crucial supporting role as far as patients’ health needs are concerned. I am applying to your institution for admission for this course specifically because I aspire to become more skillful and directly involved in promoting the much-needed public health.
My interest of becoming a Practical Nurse has developed further after having worked in nursing homes as a CNA for the past 5 years. During this time, I have not only met numerous persons requiring my attention as a Practical Nurse but I have also worked closely with other well-informed Practical Nurses. This exposure in the field of healthcare has molded me into an approachable, sociable, dynamic, and a resourceful person in addition to equipping me with negotiation and interpersonal skills. Moreover, I have become an open minded and hard working person, an outstanding team player as well as a person who is open minded and excellent in networking. I believe that my working background as a CNA has equipped me with proper knowledge and experience that places me in an advantageous position to be eligible to pursue this course.
My strong will to deliver relevant results, curiosity, attention to details, and willingness to learn are additional strengths that would be important assets as I study. I am also initiative, well-organized, have a genuine interest in people, have the ability to work independently with minimum supervision, and have good work habits. I have no misgivings that pursuing a course in Practical Nursing would give me the opportunity of sharpening these skills further as well as increasing my knowledge in the same, which would improve my performance greatly.
One of my greatest weaknesses is that I have a tendency of getting too focused on whatever I am doing such that I find it hard to stop doing something until I see the desired results. This has oftentimes left me without any time for myself. However, I am working on these weaknesses by asking for help from colleagues in backbreaking issues, following a schedule, going for occasional breaks and coming up with after-hours hobbies.
Upon completion of the nursing program, my goal is to continue working in nursing homes and provide and promote patient care to the best of my ability as well as being actively involved in helping patients regain their physical health. I have a strong desire of putting a smile on patients and I am therefore ready to go an extra mile to see to it that I excel as a Practical Nurse.
I would really appreciate getting the chance to pursue this profession – it would make it possible for me to serve as well as interact with humankind in a better way. It also would enable me to actualize my ambitions and career objectives. Most significantly, it would enable me to advance my knowledge in Practical Nursing in addition to giving me more practical experience. This would in turn make it possible for me to improve people’s quality of life.
I believe that enrolling for this course will open a door for me to interact with more experts in Practical Nursing thus enabling me to be the best I can in this field. Furthermore, with excellent training and support from my supervisors, well-resourced laboratories, as well as the extra effort I aim to put on my studies; I am certain that this opportunity will make me a successful Practical Nurse. I trust that you will consider my request and give me the opportunity of doing what I love doing most: adding life to people’s days. Read More
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