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The introduction to the presentation was a table of contents, which told us what to expect from the presentation and how much information it was going to…
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Critique of Kristen Lynchs Presentation
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Extract of sample "Critique of Kristen Lynch's Presentation"

Presentation Critique The presenter identified herself as Kristen Lynch, and the of the presentation told us what it was going to be about. The introduction to the presentation was a table of contents, which told us what to expect from the presentation and how much information it was going to cover. The presenter did not give much detail about the Western learning style, limiting it to only three extremely broad bullet points each on the background and perspectives of the learning style. The choice of perspective was not limited any further beyond “Western”, even though that covers a wide variety of teaching and learning styles. The non-Western style selected was Confucianism. This was much clearer and more complete than the Western style portion of the presentation.
The connection between theory and practice was covered but only broadly, covering understanding needs, motivation, and learning style, but without explaining specifically how the non-Western style chosen fit into practice. The concluding statements cover only a small portion of the content of the presentation.
Overall, in fact, a lack of detail was the greatest issue with this presentation. While brevity is generally to be praised in presentations, this particular presentation is overly simplified. In addition, the presenter does not mention the references in-text. The references section is also too short; the entire presentation is apparently based off of only two sources.
The greatest strength of this presentation is in its ease of readability for the audience. The slides are well-designed, with good contrast and large text size. The amount of information on each slide is kept to a minimum, allowing the speaker to hold the audiences attention instead of the text. However, the concluding statements lose this quality, switching instead to full sentences that in one case even overlaps the edge of the page. Read More
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