Life experiences that has led you to nursing as a career path - Personal Statement Example

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At this point in time, I want to expand more my knowledge and skills and try to get an opportunity in the medical field. It is my knowledge…
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Life experiences that has led you to nursing as a career path
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ity Position of Address of the I am currently working in a diabetic supply company for over four yearsnow keeping medical records and doing the audit for Medicare. At this point in time, I want to expand more my knowledge and skills and try to get an opportunity in the medical field. It is my knowledge that your distinguished university only accepts the most qualified preeminent students. Nevertheless, I would like to request that you consider my application to enroll in the Nursing Program in your prestigious university.
Both my personal and work experiences had led me to pursue to take Nursing as my desired career path. Next to teaching, Nursing is one of the noblest professions for me. Not only it requires competent knowledge and skills, but most importantly, nursing profession also entails attitudes such as patience, dedication, hard work, and passion.
I believe that I have the adequate knowledge and skills for this course which have been developed from my work experience. I also possess the desirable attitudes and being valued for which I find pertinent for this career:
Teamwork: I am considering that this career will require a constant work with the doctors from time to time as well with fellow nurses. It is through teamwork that everybody will be able to produce better and greater achievements for the welfare of the patients.
Hard work: It is my capability to work willingly and can able to face challenges under any circumstances in a pressure-driven environment.
Compassionate: My personal experience of having a sickly brother then made me acquire sensitivity and sympathy to the people who are in need.
I believe that my desire of pursuing to the Nursing degree is the best career path for me. Not only that I possess the quality and traits of becoming a competent nurse in the future, but my eagerness and passion to learn more and strive harder as I take this path gives me more confident that I will be able to surpass the challenges in this field and be able to go beyond what is expected of me. I will greatly appreciate if you consider my application for the Nursing Program in your renowned university. Thank you for your time.
Very truly yours,
Your Name
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