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Three parts: Ineffective protection related to inadequate nutrition, availability to health care, and drug abuse as evidenced by lack of facilities to obtain health care, illness experienced after hurricane Katrina, increase in drug abuse, and lack of sleep.
Abraham Maslow…
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Community assessment and analysis part ii
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Community Assessment and Analysis Part II Nursing Diagnosis Actual Problem: Ineffective protection, stress and anxiety, lack of access to healthcare facilities, lack of access to healthy foods
Major and Minor cues: drug abuse, lack of sleep, increased suicide rates, increased heart disease risk, excretory problems,
Three parts: Ineffective protection related to inadequate nutrition, availability to health care, and drug abuse as evidenced by lack of facilities to obtain health care, illness experienced after hurricane Katrina, increase in drug abuse, and lack of sleep.
Abraham Maslow classifies needs into 5 categories in order of their importance. The needs in order of priority are physiological needs, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self actualization. Issues related to nutrition and healthcare needs fall under physiological needs. Lack of sleep also falls in the same category while drug abuse is related to love and belonging needs.
The drug abuse problem can be addressed through the establishment of rehabilitation and counseling centers where the affected individuals can receive quality care. Nurses in the region can come up with mobile counseling projects which should cater for all people affected, regardless of their ethnicity. To deal with the problem of ineffective protection, there is need to set up programs that will ensure that the people of New Orleans have access to healthy food. Nurses, community workers and the area’s leaders should combine efforts in ensuring that vulnerable groups get nutritional services and that children who need vaccination to boost their immune systems can get it without a problem.
Since most of the infrastructure in New Orleans was destroyed following hurricane Katrina, the hospitals are not sufficient for all people living there. It is the responsibility of healthcare providers, including nurses, to avail healthcare services to the people in any way possible. Mobile clinics can be established to ensure that people who cannot access healthcare facilities get the medication they need. Through the mobile health clinic program, more people will be able to have their illnesses treated and it will be possible for them to get back to their lives, thus reducing the cases of anxiety and stress that came after Katrina.
City (2011). New Orleans, Louisiana. Online: Viewed on 20th July, 2011. Read More
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