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Spiritual Assessment of Mentally Retarded Patient - Essay Example

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This essay talks that selected patient called Mrs. Wilson, aged 61 years, is a widow and has been living alone for the last five years in her apartment situated at Staten Island, New York City, USA, after the immediate demise of her husband Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson was diabetic and died…
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Spiritual Assessment of Mentally Retarded Patient
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion stresses that FICA serves as an imperative tool for the spiritual assessment of the patients in order to cure them from spiritual and psychological disorder. The medical advisor concentrates upon the nature, influence, community and application of the patient’s faith in order to pacify and soothe him in the light of his religious and spiritual beliefs. “The connection between spirituality and medicine”, Puchalski observes, “has been receiving a lot of attention in both the scientific and lay presses recently, but research and anecdotal evidence all indicate that spirituality is central to the care of the chronically ill and dying.” Consequently, almost all therapeutic and healthcare centers take spiritual needs of the patients into serious consideration in order to rescue them from emotional trauma on the basis of their spiritual needs.This paper discusses that Mrs. Wilson claimed to be a spiritual person, as she aptly heard the call of conscience and virtue deep in her heart; consequently, she used to offer charity and donation to the disabled persons and orphans through non-governmental and charity organizations. She endorsed the very reality that religion maintained imperative significance in her life. Since the noble teachings of St. Perpetua had left indelible imprints upon her mind, she felt great relief by studying the marvelous sacrifices made by her. She also sought support from Heavens to get cured immediately, which revealed her strong belief in her Creator. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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