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An author of the essay "Putting Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes" claims that we commonly witness that many adult children do not hesitate in putting their elderly parents in nursing homes, and then visit them randomly on occasions or at times once a year. …
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Putting Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes
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Putting Elderly Parents in Nursing Homes

Putting your elderly parents in nursing homes is equal to cursing them!I strongly negate with the fact of sending elderly parents to a nursing home at such a sensitive age of their lives when they need the care and devotion of their loved ones the most. I think it is equal to cursing such a dignified relationship that God has blessed us with.
Today, we commonly witness that many adult children do not hesitate in putting their elderly parents in nursing homes, and then visit them randomly on occasions or at times once a year. Surrounded by complete strangers the last years of their lives are being spent in nursing homes deprived off from all that they have strived and worked for. Repaying your parents like this who have strived so hard and compromised so much for giving you the best is a real shame! Would you ever appreciate if your children send you to a nursing home? Would you ever want to be isolated from all you have strived for?
It’s a true fact that as people get older, at times taking care of them turns to be challenging, reason being a continuous increase in their demands. But, don’t forget that raising a child is as challenging too. With age a child’s demands keep increasing as well, at times pressurizing the parents (Durant 2007). But parents make sure to provide their children with the best despite all the hardships that come their way. Many of you might say that you work. Valid! But there are numerous options other than dumping your parents in a nursing home. If your parents need supervision, hire a nurse or an adult sitter who can take care of them while you are at work.
Seriously, the nursing home environment does negatively shape the personalities of the elderly. Patients in a nursing home have almost no independence as they usually share rooms. Nursing home abuse and neglect has also increased to extraordinary levels as dependant, elderly patients are tortured daily in the hands of an over worked, underpaid workforce (Folbre 2004). So, instead of sending your parents to a nursing home; honor and help them at such a critical age of their lives.
As Florence Nightingale once stated that in her view the ultimate destination of all nursing is the nursing of the sick in their own homes (Praver 2004). Just because a person may be elderly doesn’t mean that they have no feelings because they absolutely do! You should make your parents feel important instead of making them realize that they have become a burden on your lives.It is your utmost obligation to respect them at every stage of their lives. How satisfied would they be to spend their last days in their own home with their family (Jackson 1995). Gift them with what they are worth! Put yourself into their shoes and give them what you would have wanted at that particular age. Value the good times and make every minute count because time never flies back.
Remember, you are recollecting memories that you will evoke tomorrow. So, take good care of your parents and do not take them for granted, make them feel integral and treasure the time left with them!

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