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The researcher of this essay “School of Nursing” aims to analyze nursing as a good career choice because of the current demand for more registered nurses in the USA. He feels that there would be plenty of opportunities for him after he earns a degree in nursing…
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School of Nursing
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School of Nursing
Nursing is a good career choice for me because I would like to make the most of my current status of being a Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide and Patient Care Assistant. At the moment, I work as a Nursing Assistant dealing with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. As a Nursing Assistant, I have accumulated ample experience on health care, and this experience has prompted me to decide to further pursue a career in this field.
Another reason why I consider nursing a good career choice is because of the current demand for more registered nurses here in the United States. I feel that there would be plenty of opportunities for me after I earn a degree in nursing. I also think that this profession is very rewarding. Besides the fact that this would give me financial stability, being a nurse would give me an opportunity to practice a profession that focuses mainly on the well being of other people.
Five years from now, I see myself practicing this career on a full-time basis and in one of the big hospitals in Florida. As mentioned above, I am currently involved in doing health care as a Nursing Assistant. By taking up Nursing, I would be moving up one step further to being able to be of service in the field of medicine and health care. I feel that this is a job that I would truly enjoy doing for a long time.
Ten years from now, I see myself still continuing this profession and perhaps, looking forward to studying a particular area of specialization. I am aware that this field continues to evolve with the discovery of new diseases and medicines. With this knowledge, I wish to further pursue post graduate studies so that I would continue to be competitive and qualified to provide nursing services.

My admission into Seminole Community College’s basic nursing program serves as a great challenge for me. My performance as a student under this program would determine if I would be qualified to further participate in SCC’s concurrent program with the University of Central Florida. My great interest in finishing a degree in nursing under these two institution’s nursing program is brought about by my objective to obtain a degree in Florida’s top university, therefore giving me an advantage by the time I would be searching for a job. The concurrent program would enable me to realize my dreams without having to relocate to the University of Central Florida. This would give me an opportunity to earn a university degree while studying at the community college.
This experience would definitely be different as I would be challenged to do my best in getting good grades in my subjects and perform well all through out the program. I feel both excited and optimistic that I would be achieving my goals through this program. The next few years have already been carefully laid out, and I am looking forward to being a full-pledged registered nurse by year 2010.
My current involvement in Assisted Living serves as the most basic preparation for this career path that I would like to take on. If I would be admitted in the Concurrent Program, I would definitely make adjustments to my schedule to accommodate the demands of taking up this course. The most challenging part in this arrangement would be how I would manage my time so that I may be handle my studies and the various deadlines that may be required of me. But since I am determined to finish this program with flying colors, I would ensure that all requirements are fulfilled to the best of my ability and that I would be seriously participating in all my classes to maximize this opportunity given to me.
My family is very supportive of my career choice and they have given their blessing for me to pursue the concurrent program. We have agreed that I need to focus on this degree program so that I would achieve my goals within the given time. As such, I am truly optimistic that I would be able to perform very satisfactorily if given the chance to participate in the concurrent nursing program.

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“School of Nursing”. College of Health and Public Affairs University of Central Florida. May 29, 2007. Read More
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