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Underlying depression in orthopedic patients - Essay Example

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Depression in orthopaedic patient are overlooked and seldom treated because of the misconception that it will eventually recovered by the patient itself.Depression occurs not only in adult orthopaedic patients but with children as well.
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Underlying depression in orthopedic patients
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Download file to see previous pages Depression in orthopaedic patient are overlooked and seldom treated because of the misconception that it will eventually recovered by the patient itself.Depression occurs not only in adult orthopaedic patients but with children as well. The purpose of this paper is to identify the role of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers in the orthopedic department with regard to how we identify depression, and what needs to be done to thoroughly recognize these cases and initiate the appropriate treatment.
Identifying such issues is important because it is vital both to their recovery and to the healthcare provider. How do we effectively detect depression during the assessment and carry out proper intervention in treating their depression as well as their medical illness. As part of the patient safety goal campaign of Hoag Hospital, should we change how we systematically assess our patients at the bedside and routinely screen for depression and / or suicide These are the problems that we consider because of the severity of the case that it may lead if the depression in an orthopeadic patient will be taken for granted.There are researches and study that elderly recovering from an orthopaedic surgery is normal to experience depression. According to some doctors, some depressions are caused by some of the medicines they are taking; some are the non acceptance of their situation mostly in amputated legs or arms. According to Baker and Ashbourne of Children's Mental Health Ontario (2002) one is considered to be depressed if they have the following symptoms: depressed appearance, anxiety, irritability and frustration, lack of interest, lack of cooperation, change in appetite and sleep patterns, weight loss and gain, loss of energy, withdrawal from family and friends and others. Patients are not aware that they are having the said depression resulting in the misconception of the doctors and medical staff that the patient is recovering. The physicians and other medical staff overlooked the fact that depression may originate from the lack of communication with the patient. Doctors and nurses are ignoring the fact that orthopaedic patient may have depression during recovery. Involved medical staff should be aware of the signs and symptoms of depression in order to prevent the further development of it. The older orthopaedic patient with depression usually experience severe pain thus prolonging their rehabilitation. There are also some factors from the situation of the orthopaedic patient that may cause their depression. Since surgery is usually costly they may have financial problems causing the patient to severe depression. The patient may tend to isolate themselves from others causing a great sadness that leads to depression. There are some cases wherein patient would have any complications such as diabetics causing the patient to feel helpless. These are the common factors that causing the orthopaedic patient to feel depressed.
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The first thing to do in treating depression in an orhtopedic patient, is understanding what is depression (2007) defined depression as a mood disorder that is often triggered by a chemical imbalance or stressful situations. People suffering from depression experience ongoing sadness, low energy, irritability and general disinterest in daily activities. Depression is a medical condition and should not be considered a personality flaw or weakness of character. It is best to determined first if the patient is having the said condition before admission in the rehabilitation ward. As the physician you must be aware of the possibilities that your patient might have this condition because of the signs and systems that is present in the patient's attitude. Usually depression is associated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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