Social Work Nursing - Case Study Example

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This essay will discuss my overall response to why I chose the program, how I am going to apply the knowledge gained from this degree, how my knowledge is going to help my future employers and how my present and future development will get affected by this…
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Social Work Nursing Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing is a profession which really teaches you beside other professional knowledge as to how to become more patient and serve the humanity with all your heart and soul. It not only provides you a chance to be more caring and considerate but also give you an opportunity to grow as a person. Further Nursing as a profession has evolved over the period of time and has now emerged one of the highly respectable and demanding professions of the world. With these aims in my mind, I chose to consider nursing as my profession
Nursing, as a profession, need to have a balanced view where the new entrants into the profession must also know about the academic knowledge of their profession however, they must possess the knowledge of the practical realities of the profession also. However, this can only be done if people who train them should have practical as well as academic knowledge.
Since mental health is also related with the psychology of a person therefore I believe this aspect of the profession has also allowed me to consider this as a profession which is worthwhile to be pursued. It is believed the psychology emerged on its modern footings almost a century ago however its influence is still considered to be current in terms of its impact on the overall sciences related with mental and physical health of a person. What was most fascinating about this emergence of the psychology is the fact that it had radically changed the way we use to perceive and view life at large. However no science can play a constructive and positive role in society until and unless it is not ethically practiced. It also must be noted that traditionally psychologists have relied on the principles of value avoiding and value neutral model where it was believed that in order to get the truth- the truth about the person, moral values could not be taken into account. (Lowen, 1993).
One of the most important reasons that I wish to study to study for this profession is the fact that it provides a very accurate and true picture of how a person evolve over the period of time. Every person’s life carries a distinct plot, a different set of characteristics which distinguish each of us from others. (Hockbury, 1996,375). It is important in the sense that it provides you a better look at how the life unfolds itself and how we as professionals can contribute towards the overall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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