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MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES: AT THE END OF LIFE Name Professor University Date Abstract Life is full of openings and every individual has the option of making a choice. Every choice has its consequences good or bad. We all live due to the decisions we make each and every day…
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Download file to see previous pages Diseases which could not be treated in the past can now be curable or controlled. The use of palliative care is one method of ensuring that a person receives better healthcare during his last days of life. Individuals have options of using advance care planning or life sustaining treatments when making decisions regarding the kind of care they need at the end of life. Outline Thesis statement: It is a fact that all of us face an imminent death at any time. While still healthy it is thus essential for us to strategize on matters concerning health care. In light of these facts the thesis is based on the need to make the right decisions concerning end of life care. Introduction. What does end of life care entail The essence of end of life decisions The involvement of physicians and medical practitioners in the decision making regarding end of life care. Use of advance care planning method to ensure that right decisions are made according to an individual’s preferences. The process of shared decision making and its benefits Life support mechanisms Cultural influences on an individual’s decision making process. The withholding or withdrawing of certain medical treatments. Conclusion. Making right decisions All of us someday will end up dead. The recent days have shown a trend of an increase of non-sudden deaths which are a result of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular complications; these have replaced the acute deaths caused by infectious diseases. However, the ever increasing technological advancements in the health care sector has raised the life expectancy and also, provided the necessary technology to enable the prolongation of the life of very sick patients. With all these inventions there is need to come up with the right decisions concerning end of life care. The term palliative care according to WHO refers to mechanisms which provide better care to patients who are severely ill and ensures sufficient support to them and their families, by alleviating pain and suffering through early detection and planned strategies. This approach of palliative care is the best fronted method of caring for terminally ill patients (WHO, 2011). End of life care is a branch of palliative care method which intends to ensure that a person and his family plan well for his last days on earth. In the recent past, more innovations and inventions in the medical field have ensured mechanisms that can reduce patients’ pain and suffering being developed through better healthcare systems and facilities. Making the right decisions about the end of life is an essential part of end of life care which has a momentous effect in the dying process and the last days of the patient to be of peaceful nature. Moreover, death is often preceded by decisions of end of life regarding medical aspects that possibly to a certain degree of life-shortening effect (Raijmakers, et al. 2010). Through the various researches made in the recent past the following are the main categories of end of life decisions made include: 1) Euthanasia; the process whereby a patient requests to die quickly by being given certain drugs which hastens death. 2) Physician assisted suicides; the processes of prescribing specific drugs with the absolute aim of enabling the patients’ terminate their life. 3) End of life devoid of an unequivocal request from the patient; process whereby the doctor gives the patient certain drugs to hasten death with no clear request from the patient. 4) Mitigation of pain and symptoms; this is done through the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SMART CHOICES by John Hammond into the above eight elements and systematically think about each one, giving more attention on the key ones to that particular situation. Finally, reassemble the analysis and opinions into the smart choice. In the end, although this process may not make a tough decision easy, it will undoubtedly make it easier. Hammond, Raiffa and Keeney, provide precious guidance and insight on the unavoidable and ongoing negotiation with oneself when faced with a complex decision. By systematically following their effective process, anybody can make essential business or personal decisions with greater confidence, clarity and efficiency. Works Cited Hammond John,...
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...a clear and true story of the incident cannot be obtained. This leaves the individual assisted in the death with a great depth of doubt on his side. In the case of euthanasia, it is only legal in a few countries around the world some being, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. However, it is only legal if; that person has made an active request to end their life, that person is in the right mental capacity to make the request and that the condition of the person is agreed to be unbearable and there is no hope of improvement. Different opinions have been given in the support and opposition of the acts of euthanasia and assisted death. However, many people tend to agree with...
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..., there are about 3,000 hospice programs operating in the United States. With the changes in the government policies patients can be somewhat assured that they can receive the just and right medical care even under hospice program. One of the ethical considerations on the end of life case is on pain and psychological disturbances management wherein the importance of treating the symptoms and addiction issues are being evaluated. SLE patients may experience intensified pains, as well as anxiety and depression. These manifestations on patients can be relieved by surrounding the patient with love and care among family members and regarding them as normal and not as fragile and vulnerable...
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...the life of individuals when one knows that it would just prolong the life and not the quality of life. Euthanasia therefore becomes the right choice for persons who are constantly in pain and are waiting for death to happen. The early death through active euthanasia not only gives relief to the patient from his/her mental and physical agony but relieves the carer and relatives from the uncertainty of the death which they are constantly witnessing. Apart from the adverse psychological impact of witnessing the pain of one’s dear ones, huge amount of money that is spent on artificial aids is also saved and can be utilized for fulfilling the last wishes of...
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... End of Life Choices Euthanasia, otherwise known as mercy killing or assisted suicide, has been a controversial subject for many centuries. Proponents of the practice believe that individual freedoms of choice that exist in life also extend to the end of life. They also argue that the sentiment of humane treatment afforded animals that are terminally ill or injured and are suffering should be given to humans as well. Opponents suggest that euthanasia is a ‘slippery slope’ that would allow increasing instances of coerced suicide, family members pressuring the elderly not to postpone their inevitable demise for...
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...several generations of poverty right in front of her. But, she was the last generation to go through this. She ended a sick and sad legacy that should have never been and certainly should not be reinforced and repeated -- generation after generation; a life in which children were only born to die a slow and torturous inhumane death through starvation or addiction or neglect… The next morning, Sarah was deep in thought as she walked to school. She turned into the schoolyard, walked up the steps and entered the building with confidence. She saw Eric on the way and she looked at him and tossed her head in the other direction. Sarah went down the hall to the counselor's office, walked and...
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End-of-Life Care the family members about bereavement services, pastoral care, and follow up appointments. For example Mrs. K didn’t get support from the bereavement services as a result she was not prepared for the death of her husband. The article by Fields (2007), suggests the list of specific ways nurses can be involved in palliative care, keeping patient clean and dry, offering food, drinks and a place to rest for the family and also encouraging the family members to take care of themselves. The author also talks about making a counselor available to families, changing hospital culture and to increase hospital and staff accountability for making end-of-life improvements....
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...and comfortable. However, people having credible financial support can make living environment choices with less effort and comfort. The financial support like insurance, bank savings and a handsome salary can aid people to make better living choices. If a person is wealthy or is highly salaried, then he can buy or lease house or apartments of good quality. According to (Wall)“To simplify life, many retirees buy a house or condo that may be too small to accommodate their lifestyle. Even if it is just you and your spouse, consider moving to a house or apartment that has at least three bedrooms”. In general people should select an area which is safe and...
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...End of Life Decisions: Making the Right Choice for You Palliative care program is often associated with patients with a serious complex illness and it mainly focuses on relieving and minimizing the patients’ sufferings. During end of life, patients are offered palliative care by administering pain-relieving medication to ease the pain and suffering (Smith, 2012). The question of palliative care helps clients plan for alleviating pain and symptoms, help live life to the fullest and simultaneously have a voice in their care. This is done through the Rights to self-determination of...
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...Nursing care for dying children PART There are a lot of things living in the world and each one of them has a life time that once its end comes around, there is little that even science can do; a phenomenon which has led to the shifting of blame to the failure of science (Morgan,2009). With this in mind, human beings have accepted the fact that one has to die to complete the cycle of life. According to Morgan, when a child dies, this cycle seems unnatural; it’s so sudden that the human potential is lost, and dreams quickly become shattered and vanish while its regarded as a loss to not only the parent, but to the society. (Morgan, 2009). The parents, siblings and the health care...
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