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Protection of Vulnerable People (Adult Dementia) [Course] Protection of Vulnerable People (Adult Dementia) Introduction The factor of aging opens the door for numerous diseases, which harms human health directly or indirectly…
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Protection of vulnerable people (ADULT WITH DEMENTIA)
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Download file to see previous pages Being a serious mental disability, adults suffering from dementia face many challenge in their routine life particularly learning disabilities. These adults are often abused at different intervals of life. This paper aims to highlight the abuses and challenges faced by adults with Dementia. Moreover, the will provide methods through which the vulnerability of these adults can be reduced. The paper will also discuss laws and policies that safeguards adults with dementia. Background One of the serious health problems faced by adults across the world, particularly the UK is Dementia. This is because of certain factors. One chief reason is that the aging of people in the UK is increasing. For this reason, adults that are diagnosed with Dementia in UK are increasing every year. The term ‘Dementia’ is originally a Latin word which means irrationality; ‘De’ means without and ‘mens’ means mind, thus it illustrates that without mind (Adams & Manthorpe, 2003). Previously unimpaired people can also undergo dementia. It is a progressive brain dysfunction in which the person faces long term decline in his mental capabilities. The chief cognitive regions of the brain affected by Dementia include memory, attention, language and problem solving which makes it difficult for the person to perform various tasks. If these dysfunctions stays or are present for more than 6 months, then it is in positive support for the diagnosis of dementia (Hughes, et al., 2006). Dementia is a growing disease in the UK. Many adults are facing challenges to continue their routine life normally and are abused at different points because of this mental disorder. Moreover, adults diagnosed with dementia also face some financial challenges that do not allow them to treat their sickness, thus increasing the problems. The government of United Kingdom has set some laws and policies for patients with mental sickness. This is to ensure that those diagnosed with mental dysfunctions are getting proper treatment and are able to continue their life. Moreover, adults who are diagnosed with dementia also face learning disability issues (Keady & Harris, 2013). Body Abuses / Challenges Faced by Adults with Dementia To name there are a number of abuses and challenges that are faced by adults with Dementia. These challenges vary from person to person. According to a report conducted by Kings’ College London and Alzheimer’s society stated that it is estimated that by 2025 as many as one million people will have dementia in UK. This is a serious issue which raises many other problems for the adults making them vulnerable towards life (Alzheimer's Society, 2013). People have not understood dementia completely, thus they are not able to offer this disease a comprehensive reaction. For this reason, dementia adds to the miseries of adults. Where on one hand these adults find it hard to cope-up with their daily tasks, the disease and other factors in a variety of ways often abuse them. It is already discussed above that adults with dementia face issues with memory; this illustrates that they have problems remembering their name, the day, week, and month; in short they are not able to recall anything properly. This can be explained with the help of few examples. Imagine, you wake up one morning and you are not able to recognize the person or his name that is lying next to you. This gets even worse when you look at your siblings and other family members and asks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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