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Is brain dead really dead - Essay Example

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Is “Brain Death” Really Dead Name: Institution: IS “BRAIN DEAD” REALLY DEAD? Abstract Brain death is a mainstreamed rationale, equated to death itself. The brain is an integrative unit in the whole of the human body that transforms every organ and tissue as one whole organism…
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Is brain dead really dead
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Download file to see previous pages The brain involves a mutual interaction with all the other parts, but the coordination and functioning specific body organ is integrative and independent unit. Therefore, a tenable rationale that equates brain death to a complete halt in the functioning of the whole body is physiologically and ethically mal-practiced in many brain examination, diagnosis, and treatment fields of medicine (David, 2009). (Key words: brain death, medical ethics, integrated organs, rationale, death). Introduction Brain death is a condition in which the role and functioning of the brain halts, and it is in a state of complete destruction. Therefore, the functioning of other organs directly or indirectly related to the brain enters into a state of limited performance or inevitable and imminent cessation. Brain death may result to total malfunctioning of the respiratory system, cardiac performance among other functions of the organs in the body. As a result, the direct control of these organs by the brain led medical physicians to argue that failure of the brain results to failure of all other parts of the body. This persuasive argument concluded that when a human brain dies, then the rest of the organs come to a complete death too. Irreversible cessation of the brain results to pronouncement of death for all functions of the brain, and thus, the victim is said to be dead (David, 2009). This has brought controversial arguments among medical practitioners based on whether pronouncement of death is really, because of the brain malfunctioning. Other medical practitioners argue that statutory recognition of death in the basis of brain death is ethically undesirable especially in the field of medicine. Technical Aspects Ethical consideration of death on neurologic criteria lays a certainty on death of a person who meets clinical diagnosis test that shows total destruction of the brain, really, resulted to his or her death. The examination of a human body that shows un-receptiveness, missing spontaneous movements and unresponsiveness as well as poor and disorderly breathing functions with reflexes and dilated pupils are not evidence that a person died from brain cessation. Autopsy reports have showed that widespread destruction of the brain results to anticipated failure and destruction of other organs, including heartbeats and cardiac disorders, as well as, cellular destruction detected during morphology tests do not conclude that a brain failure resulted to the death of a human being. Intracranial blood flow is another technical aspect by which medical practitioners base their evidence (David, 2009). This isotopic technique shows how subsequent flow of blood in a necrosis and liquefaction manner in the brain leads to total failure of the brain. The technique shows how the brain is affected, but organs that fully depend on the control by the brain remain unaffected. Spinal reflexes and cerebral unresponsiveness in apneic patients showed that when appropriate diagnostic procedures were met, as well as proper therapeutic techniques used to exclude the reversible condition, would have affected the brain to total destruction. The Collaborative technique shows that chances of the brain to affect spinal related organs had little or no effect at all (David, 2009). The various organ disorders found in the apneic patients did not necessarily result from the etiological factor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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