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Racine County, Wisconsin - Research Paper Example

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Non-native Americans are exposed to a multitude of social factors that have the ability to impact negatively on their health status including mental and physical health. The social determinant factors make up some of the most significant stressors and adverse life experiences affecting the health of non-native Americans. …
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Racine County, Wisconsin
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Download file to see previous pages Racism and discrimination are significant aspects of life of non-native Americans, and they have to deal with it in their daily lives. There is growing evidence that racism and discrimination are not only emotionally harmful, but are potentially damaging to non-native Americans. Increased research on this topic applying innovative approaches is beginning to reveal the negative impacts arising from racism and discrimination (Collins & Williams, 2001).
Racism and discrimination have been associated with a number of health complications such as chronic respiratory, cardiovascular, and pain related health complications. Racism and discrimination affect a person’s health in a number of ways. Considering child development, impacts of negative environment that are linked with racism and segregation produce serious effects on the health and development of a child. Intergenerational and life-long impacts of racism and discrimination reveal that the health impacts of racism are carried forward within individuals and across generation (Anderson et al, 1997).
Racine County, Wisconsin
According, to the 2012 population estimates, the county of Racine was estimated to have 194, 797 people. Half of the population lives in the city of Racine and over 90% of the county’s population live in the eastern side of the county. The county has much of its population made of non-native Americans. ...
Minorities in Racine are prone to health risks arising from racism and discrimination, which lead to stressors that are worsened by residential segregation. As a point of consideration, residential segregation impacts negatively on the health of minorities in a number of ways. Segregation puts minorities in regions that have limited human and financial resources. These areas are characterized by inadequate health care, inadequate healthy food, toxic living conditions, poor public education, poor housing conditions, increased disorder and crime as well as high rates of incarceration. The chance for the minorities to improve their health status is hindered by the fact they live in segregation. This comes with lack of access to jobs, lack of economic investment, poor schooling, and inadequate public services, which are all crucial in improving a person’s health (Baquet et al, 2005). Non-natives continue to face significant discrimination relative to the natives in both access to health care and the nature of care they receive from health facilities. Increasing evidence supports that non-natives residing in Racine receive low quality and intensity health care as opposed to their native counterparts (Williams, 2000). This is evident even in situations where the non-natives are insured just like the natives and have health issues similar to those of the natives. Factors that contribute to the disparity in access to health care between the natives and the non-natives include policies and practices within the health care system, the behavior of people working in the health sector, and the legal and regulatory framework under which the health sector operates. Other contributing factors include language barriers, lack of adequate insurance coverage, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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